Yummy Mummy? NOT!

After reading an online article on the Times Online I decided that I'm totally not a yummy mummy. If you fancy a read yourself hit the title post and it'll take you to it.

Now on a school run day I think I've done great if all the kids leave the house in the correct clothes, with their hair done and with the right bags....me? I've done great if I manage to drink my coffee hot! After dragging on the first top from the wardrobe with some jeans, attacking my mop of hair with a hairbrush and throwing water on my face I stagger around trying to co-ordinate the kids for a school day and put DH's lunch together, making sure obviously he's got the right shirt as he didn't mention the previous night that he needed one!

We arrive at school, parking on the hill (hey it gives the kids a bit of a walk, staying healthy & all that!) where DS1 who is now in Junior school takes off into the field to meet his friends. DS2's school is next door but he immediately runs into the yard to play with their friends. . I get to stand with other mums (no, not yummy mummies either!) and generally bitch about kids, DHs, lack of sleep and life in general. The kids all turn up by magic when the doors open..obviously they're fitted with magic beacons! I don't get a kiss when DS2 runs in, he just grabs his bags and takes off...I feel so wanted and missed!! Even DD Darcy now runs in to nursery shouting bye bye. Now don't get me wrong I'm glad they all enjoy school/nursery life would be a lot harder if they didn't but SOMETIMES I wish they would say "miss you" or even a kiss. They're growing so fast now I try to grab every cuddle or kiss opportunity as before I know it they'll be saying "Urgh!" 

Ah well, it's Sunday night so my little 'angels' are getting all ready for stories and bed as it's a school day tomorrow :-) 


  1. I'm with you on this .. never was a yummy mummy usually in trackie bottoms and wellies ready to take poochies out for their walks straight after the school drop off .... love the photo you've got of them all :) love mouse xxx

  2. I am definitely NOT a yummy mummy and I can't stand them. Our children are not trophies, they are our babies. Extensions of ourselves.

  3. Oh definitely NOT a yummy mummy either! Don't have the figure for it either :-)


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