Some Smalls

I've managed to do a couple of smalls in the last month. As the end of the school year was coming up my boys asked me to make something for their teachers, this is what I made them :

An ornament for DS2's teacher
for this chart click here

A bookmark for DS1's teacher
if you want this chart please click here

I've also been working on a biscornu for a Summer Biscornu Exchange with the yahoo group Friendly Stitchers. After going around Shirebrook Valley one Monday morning with DH and DD and seeing beautiful butterflies I decided to stitch this for my partner Rhonda.


  1. ohh hardanger. Lovely. And the biscornu is so vibrant. Very nice.

  2. oooo very pretty gifts for the teacher and lovely vibrant biscornu :) love mouse xxxx

  3. what gorgeous gifts you've made - loving the hardanger, something i always mean to do.

  4. The teacher's gifts are so dainty and pretty! But I love that buttterfly biscornu. Congrats on all of the wonderful finishes :)

  5. Hi Joanna

    Your Hardanger is just beautiful. Are the two Hardanger designs your own? I just love them. And thank you for the charts for them. The Biscornu if also lovely with vibrant colours. Well done on all your finishes.

    Mary Joan


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