A Stitch-a-Long Week with Dragons

This week has been hectic thanks to the kids being off school for the Easter break and me having some medical issues. One of the positive parts has been that on Sunday I got to chill out with my stitching whilst my DH took care of our 3 children plus Peter's girlfriend Becky who was with us for the day.

On Saturday night my 2 boys had their presentation at Sheffield Dragons to collect their new karate belts. Luke our Little Dragon collected his green stripe belt.
And Peter our Junior Dragon got awarded his green belt.

My SALs have been going great guns lately. As some of you know last year I joined the Beau Bands SAL with my yahoo group Friendly Stitchers. This was designed by Abi Gurden and is no longer available. But I finally finished my Beau Bands this weekend on my lovely Sunday stitching day. Here is the stitching all completed...now I just have to make it up into the hussif.

I've also managed to catch up on my Tree of Stitches and my Little Lace Hardanger SAL, both of these are with The Stitch Specialists yahoo group. 
Tree of Stitches.
Part 1 was cross stitch
Part 2 Smyrna stitch
Part 3 French knots
Part 4 Eyelets
Part 5 Rice stitch
Part 6 Cushion stitch
Part 7 was Jerusalem Stitch

Little Lace Hardanger SAL
This is my first proper go at hardanger and I'm so enjoying it. Spent Monday night happily counting from 1-5 working on my Kloster blocks. The cutting is coming soon....argh!

Next week the kids are all back in school so I'll be back to stitching on Luke's dragon, my SAL's and my UFO which is my French postcard SAL. This time though I'll have a full 2 days with no kids :-)  The housework is never going to get done as fast!!


  1. Great Karate shots
    Very nice stitching.
    You sure are busy.

  2. lovely pictures of the boys with their belts :) and you have been going great gun's with your needles :) love the colours you've used for the hardanger piece :) love mouse xxxx

  3. Congrats on the finish and nice WIP pieces too. The tree one looks rather interesting!!

  4. wow - you have been busy over the last few days. congrats on getting beau bands finished and i love your tree, great colour selection on this. Fingers crossed for the hardanger cutting, you are very brave doing this!

  5. love the tree of stitches.

  6. Beautiful stitching, Joanna.

    Congratulations!! to your two sons.

    Take Care & Happy Stitchin'
    Hugs, Sandy

  7. Well done to your sons!
    All your stitching is beautiful!

  8. Pretty colors on your SAL's.

    Congrats to your boys on earning their new belt colors.

  9. Beautiful stitching and good job to your son on his karate!

  10. Congratulations to your sons. Beautiful finish and lovely WIPs.



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