Its March Already

At the end of February my 3 little terrors were all at home for a week as it was half term. Stitching was definitely on the back burner but I have managed to get some things done. My mum also found a couple of stitched items I did years ago including my very first proper cross stitch project when I took up stitching again after many years.

Firstly I finally finished a 15 sided biscornu for my DD, decided in the end not to put the centre buttons in as she's only 3 so didn't want to take the risk she'd chew them.  For this one I decided to be a bit more adventurous and each of the 15 squares has a sample of some of my favourite stitches in:

Cross Stitch
Crossed Cushion Stitch
Long Legged Cross Stitch
Montegrin Stitch
Rice Stitch
Rhodes Stitch
Herringbone Stitch
Braided Cross Stitch
Fly Stitch
Double Cross Stitch
Counted Chain Stitch
French Knots
Knit Stitch
Satin Stitch

I really enjoyed stitching it and DD loves it. She calls it her Baby Annabel football for her doll. I will be uploading the design in the next couple of weeks if you're interested in stitching it yourself.

Another update is my Tree of Stitches. The 4th part called for Eyelets, now I love these little stitches as they're so effective and look wonderful.  Decided to do this bit in Anchor 1213, still variegated thread but a bit brighter than its DMC counterpart.

I've also been working on my Kaliedoscope Snow Board, the filled in blocks are getting there. I can generally fill in a couple of blocks a week during DS1s karate lessons...wonder if he fancies another 2 lessons a week?!

Yes I have been working on my Darcy photostitch, not as much as I need to or want to but she's getting there, here's the latest update on her:

These are two small projects I did many years ago that my mum found out. The circular framed one is a kit my mum bought me from Avon when I was about 20 years old. The ice skater was a present I did for my mum after we all went ice-skating, she did go into that position but not by design!

This last stitchy picture is the first cross stitch project I did in my early 20's after being away from stitching for many years (I'd spent the intervening years knitting away). I bought it from Argos and figured if I could do this one I could cross stitch anything. I even put my name and the date on. Couldn't believe mum still had it. It just shows how my stitching tastes have changed over the years, I rarely stitch anything like this anymore and do more samplers or projects for the kids.


  1. It's fun to see what others stitched when they first started. So many stitches in the cat piece, and your mom bought a kit from avon?
    I can't imagine stitching a 15 sided biscornu especially with all the specialty stitches.
    My favorite will always be little Darcy :)

  2. OOO that was a fun read ... love the biscornu ... and enjoyed your older works ... and Darcy well what can I say but WOW it is soooo good and almost there too :)

  3. Brilliant biscornu! I love the idea of having different stitches on it, and the Tree of Stitches is looking wonderful too!

  4. You have been busy haven't you. Liking the 15 sided biscornu, very impressive and Darcy is so close to finishing now.

  5. You have been busy. Like the 15 sided biscornu and thought you had finished stitching Darcy.


  6. Thanks for showing your beautiful projects.

  7. I love your darcy photostitch, such a pretty little girl and gorgeous stitching.
    Hugs Chris x

  8. Your stitching looks great!

    I gave you an award, you can find it at

  9. That photstitchis just adorable! Wonderful 15 sided biscornu!


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