It's Spring!

Yes the sun is shining, my washing is hanging outside on the line and the birds are twittering...Spring is finally here :-)  I've found the only trouble with the sun finally coming out is that I look around and see all the jobs that now need doing in the house....the staircase still needs painting and our lounge definitely needs re-decorating, the garden lawn needs cutting and also the patio finishing so I've a feeling my stitching time may be taking a cut in hours for the next couple of months.

Good job I've some progress on my SALs and also a small finish. My gift SAL is coming along but not very fast as it keeps getting relagated to the bottom of the pile. The Darcy photostitch is moving slowly as I've hardly worked on it thanks to my boys wanting their things doing. Here is a photo of the whole project up to tonight and also a close up of some of the confetti stitching.

My French SAL designed by Maryse is coming along, I've completed March...well the design anyway, I've just got to do one side of the frame.

Our son Luke goes to a craft club on a Monday afternoon after he's finished nursery where he makes all sorts of things. Last Monday he made an Easter bunny picture and they were also making flowers. Luke wasn't impressed with the flowers saying they were for girls so he coloured while I made the flowers, have to say I enjoyed making them and am quite pleased with how they look as they only took 5 mins.

I've also been drafted to make our DS1 Peter an Easter bonnet for his school Easter parade. As he's a boy and not really a 'bonnet' person I bought a straw trilby and spent ages putting this together. It was going to be held in the school playground so parents could watch as the children did their parade but due to wet weather so far this week and more forecast the school decided to hold it in their hall which isn't big enough for all us parents. A shame as last years was wonderful but I'm sure the kids will enjoy themselves whether we're there or not.

Luke has finished nursery for his Easter break so came with myself and Darcy to playgroup at our local church. I promised Luke I'd post a photo of him on my blog for everyone to see so here is a photo taken of them both playing together (nicely for once!)

My son Luke also saw a design of a Chocolate Bunny by Carla Rizzie that he had to have so I managed to stitch it for him. If the backing looks a little lop-sided is!...having a 3yr old helping to put 'his' bunny together wasn't the easiest task I've ever done LOL!  He's thrilled with it though so that's what counts, it now hangs on our mirror next to the kids Easter cards they've all made at school.


  1. I wish it was sunny here - looks like it's going to pour down!

    Lovely stitching!

  2. Ah, you let him help how sweet. My little girl is not allowed near my stitching stuff, not yet anyway. The hat and flowers are great.

  3. Looks like you are all ready for Easter. Have a wonderful week.

  4. Lots of fun pics :) Happy Easter!

  5. What cute kids! I love the bonnet and flowers.

  6. The hat is adorable. Your kids are so cute. Thanks for sharing the pics. The chocolate bunny came out great. What a cool idea. Have a Happy Easter!

  7. Your French SAL looks great! What is the pattern?

    And that trilby looks incredibly cute! Nice work!!

  8. Love the pics of the kids and the hats and playing- so cute! Great stitching on everything!

  9. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Have a Happy Easter.


  10. Your stitching looks marvelous! You did a great job on the hat and the kids look so cute playing together :)

  11. Really cute! I could just see you putting the stitched bunny together with little hands helping:0)

  12. Great stitching updates and cute pictures of the kids.

    A happy Easter weekend to all.

  13. Great stitching and I love the bonnet... too cute :)

  14. Lovely stitching. Great photos of your lovely kids and fab Easter bonnet.
    Happy Easter.

  15. Well, judging by the book list, no wonder the phone has gone quiet! Love the stitching as always. Hope the holiday went well and hubby comes back refreshed. No doubt hundreds of new photo's too! (I shall expect some ;) ) xxx Hope to see you all soon.


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