A Start, A WIP and A Finish

Due to my DD Darcy deciding that 3am is a fun time to chat and cuddle mummy my stitching time has drastically reduced over the last week. By the time the kids are all in bed I'm too tired and don't want to stitch incase I end up frogging half of it. DD is now sleeping properly again but it's taking me a while to get back to full sleep as I keep waking in the early hours expecting her to wake me!
I've finally started the Beau Bands SAL with Friendly Stitchers this is on blue linen with turquoise colours now I've got all my threads together.

As a little project to do inbetween the Darcy photostitch I've also done a Seaside biscornu, couldn't find a seagull button for the centre (dread to think where it is as DD loves my stash boxes!) so I've just used a plain button on the front and a blue one on the back. The design was from www.feerie.com/ they have some absolutely wonderful biscornu, humbug etc designs.

The WIP is obviously my Darcy photostitch. DH is wanting me to concentrate on this as my main project now so my Lowery (and I can now say YES I LOVE IT, if you haven't got one you're missing out LOL!) is going to be carried up and downstairs frequently. Unfortunately we can't leave it downstairs due to having a small house and 3 small children who would play with it! On a Thursday morning when I'm 'no children' I spend at least 2-3 hours on it, have managed to get some of the white in (lots of confetti stitches within the blue that don't show very well) so to me it looks like it's growing but DH doesn't see it...have advised him to pick up a needle if he wants it completing faster!

On the stash front I’ve been buying again...but this time I had a good excuse! I needed some new needles and some metallic thread for my Beau Bands so had a wander onto the Sew and Sew website. Well what could I do when I went on and found they were having a SALE! Yep, I bought the needles and thread but also a chart called Wise Guy...which as DD loves “duckies” I couldn’t resist and it was only 99p

On my reading challenge I've finally finished The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan, it's the 4th in the Wheel of Time series. I really enjoyed it but boy has it taken some time to finish it...more due to everytime I picked it up my eyes started drifting closed due to lack of sleep! Just read a lovely lightweight book called “A Load of Old Tripe” by Gervase Phinn. It’s set in Yorkshire and is short stories about a boy born after the war. It’s really good, funny and I can see similar situations from my childhood in it even though it’s set years before.


  1. Oh I remember that time well when the children were small - wish I'd enjoyed it more. Hopefully you can show us an update of the photostitch soon ;-)

  2. The BB SAL is beautiful, can't wait to see more of that one. The new chart looks really cute, and of course your daughter does as well. Have the same problem of not being able to stitch alot. I stitch in the evening, only about an hour after she goes to bed. SIGH

  3. Cute picture of your DD.
    The Beau Bands SAL is looking lovely, congrats on finishing the biscornu, it looks wonderful!

  4. Well, that's Josie the Second that's for sure ;)
    Bet it's better now her hair is out of her eyes!
    Look forward to seeing the stitching close up when I manage to get over. Will have to have a look at that book re-Yorkshire lad. Sound's interesting.
    xx'S and hugs to you all xxxx

  5. Your DD is adorable (even if she has been naughty and keeping you up, lol). Nice stitching.

  6. I love seeing the pictures of your adorable daughter. Hopefully she'll grow up to be as talented a stitcher as you are! Love your biscornu!! and your Beau bands sampler is really pretty (I like the color choice) *Hugs*

  7. Your daughter is so adorable. Lovely stiching.


  8. Great stitching. Darcy is a little doll

  9. cute biscornu. Your wip's look good.

  10. Your stitching is coming along great hun :) and your dd is gorgeous i know what you mean by lack of sleep here if its not Cate waking me then its bump kicking me lol xxx

  11. Looks great. I love your stitching. Your little one is a cutie


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