February Update

I can't believe we're nearly at the end of February already...where has this month gone? I've not done as much stitching as I usually do this month, this is mostly due to committments involving my 3 children. How 3 small people who are aged from 2-5 cause me to not sit down for long is beyond me. Between school runs, after school swimming or karate lessons, playgroups and craft groups there's no time for stitching until they're all in bed and settled...so I generally have about 2hrs a night to stitch which means my projects seem to be taking forever to grow.  Mind you  the time passes so fast, it doesn't seem like yesterday that I was wrapping Christmas presents and now the boys are talking Easter eggs LOL!

I can now show you a picture of a small ornament I did for an exchange with Friendly Stitchers, this is the Calendar Girls 2010 exchange. February's girl is Mouse (aka Michelle) so along with some fabric and threads I made her a little ornament with a snoozing mouse, couldn't resist when I saw the chart resting in the bottom of my charts box. 

I've also been working on my Darcy photostitch, in fact this has been my main project for the last few weeks. I can finally see some growth to it. I did try working along the chart in the 10x10 boxes like so many people do but it's just not me and I found myself going off on a tangent with a colour I had in my needle. I don't like having lots of needles pre-threaded or parking either and there's a lot of confetti stitches so in the end I went back to how I like to work....in blocks of the same colour. Even DH is seeing the difference now which is a miracle LOL! 

On Thursday night I picked up my Beau Bands SAL again after finding my old standby scissors. I was stuck on the drawn threads band until I got some scissors as my normal stitching ones don't have sharp points. VERY VERY carefully I cut the first thread and I was off, it took me a lot longer to do the stitching than the cutting. Must admit I'm thrilled I found my scissors as it's been bugging me that the sampler was sat there and I couldn't work on it. I've now done up to band 12, the Vandyke stitch in band 11 confused me as it's not in my stitch book but like every good stitcher I googled it and found a wonderful clear illustration. Sat doing it last night thinking "I hope this is right" and when I looked in the cold light of day (very cold I might add!) I love how it looks.  Now I've only 3 more bands to complete then section 1 is complete.

I've also managed to read a couple of books that are towards my reading challenge. One of them was "Peach Cobbler Murder" by Joanne Fluke. It's the first time I've read one of her books and I'm hooked. Not only does she describe the most wonderful desserts but gives the recipes for them....already got 3 written down so I can try them out :-) 

I've also listened to "Up and Down the Dales" by Gervase Phinn which had me in hysterics as I was trying to cook the kids meals and clean up. Friday night I started "Crewel World" by Monica Ferris when I went up to bed, loved it as she talks stitching as well as a good story. I finished it last night and promptly went on the Sheffield Libraries website and ordered another couple.

On Tuesday afternoon DD goes down for a nap and I now get to sit and stitch for an hour so I'm going to try and work on another band of the Beau Bands SAL as the evening is devoted to my Darcy project.


  1. I can tell it's Darcy's hood now. I reckon it's gonna look fabulous when it's completed. I know you did another one of a photo who was it? I forgot now.

  2. Nice progress on Darcy and the SAL, both are really looking good.

  3. Awwww the mouse is soooo cute! I'm sure Mouse loves it! Darcy is really coming along, and your SAL is GORGEOUS! Love the colors! I'm so glad you found your scissors, what a relief that must have been! I'd be lost without mine! *Hugs*

  4. Great stitching,,,everything looks great!

  5. What a neat idea stitching the little mouse for "Mouse". It's so cute.

  6. i really like the colors in the Beau Bands project. So beautifully blue!

  7. Cute ornament finish and i love the colours you are using for the Beau Bands SAL, it is looking beautiful!

  8. Your mouse finish is very cute! I can't stand staying in a 10 X 10 square either, I just go where the color takes me, and if it's faster and feels better, then go for it!!!! Good luck on the sampler piece! It's very pretty.

  9. I love your little mouse ornament - so appropriate lol! i can definitely see some progress on Darcy..

  10. Your mouse ornament is so cute, and you have made a lot of progress on Darcy and your other SAL.


  11. Your Beau Bands and Darcy photostitch are looking great well done :) and the Mouse ornament is so cute xx

  12. Really like your mouse ornament. I too just started to read Joanne Fluke's books and love them. The recipes look amazing too bad I'm such a bad baker or I might actually have tried them...lol.


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