Christmas Stash & a WIP

Hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and the Stash Elves have been very good to you.

DH and my MIL put together and bought me a Lowery Workstand for my main present which I'd been hinting loudly about since everyone talked about them on Friendly Stitchers and I went to see one in Bakewell. Although it arrived from Sew and Sew DH wouldn't let me have it until Christmas Day, it's now up and running at the side of my bed. On it is my Darcy Photostitch that I've finally started. I'm doing it on 32ct Murano and have been bought some Easy Count Guideline so decided to try it out on this project. Must admit it did take me a while to put the guideline in but now I'm stitching I can see the advantage of it as I'm not having to count or work out where I've left off stitching.

This is what it should look like when stitched (hopefully!)  and this is my progress so far.

I didn't do too badly myself  with the Christmas Stash Elf and closely followed by the Sale Elf LOL!  I got:

The Magical Cross Stitch book I'd been hinting about

The Waiting for Ships chart by Mirabilia

Charles - John Clayton Elegance Series (I think it looks like Colin Firth as Mr Darcy in P&P)

Summer Ball by Sandy Littlejohn

and in the sale from Tanya at The Sampler Girl I got Good Tidings With Jane Austen and A Turn in the Garden

Now I just have to find time to stitch, the schools are back so at least I'll get my Thursday mornings free again for stitching Darcy. During the after school clubs and school runs I'll be working on my 2010 Olympic Reading Challenge.

I have managed to finish my A Stitch A Week SAL with the Friendly Stitchers...Thank you so much Abi for designing this for us and also to Val for giving us alternative charts on some of the weeks. I've put a photo up of the squares all finished but have also done a bit more to it but not posting a photo until it's completely finished; hopefully by next Monday.
Back to stitching for me while the kids are asleep and DH is in the bath with a book........


  1. You have made a nice start on Darcy. I am looking forward to watching this one grow.
    You sure had a good stash Xmas!

  2. What a great Christmas. Happy New Year!

  3. Nice start on Darcy. Are you sure you are using Cashel, it is only 28 count and does not come in 32 count.

    Nice stash for Christmas

  4. Darcy will be so cute, glad you got a work stand and some nice stash to play with. I have to get myself all my stash.

  5. Awww...what an adorable picture to stitch! Can't wait to see how you progress! Tell DH that this project will be much more meaningful than the Camelot sampler so he can wait patiently. Just had a conversation with my DH and HE said he wanted this sampler for us and I could make another for the wedding. Sheesh, what is it with our DH's? LOLOL *Hugs* DJ

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely stash-filed Christmas. Your daughter is absolutely adorable!

  7. "Darcy" is going to be so pretty and how proud she'll be of it when she gets older.
    You had a merry "stash" Christmas for sure and glad you're already enjoying it.
    And I love your A Stitch A Week piece and can't wait to see what you're doing to finish it.
    babs in alabama

  8. Darcy is going to be beautiful when it is finished. Nice Christmas stash.


  9. Just love that precious little face! Your ASAW piece is lovely - waiting for the finish you choose. Happy stitching!

  10. That should make a wonderful stitched piece. Enjoy your stand!


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