2010 Olympic Reading Challenge

This year I've decided to join the 2010 Olympic Reading Challenge that I saw on a blog I read  frequently. I missed last years challenge so am very glad that Vickie is hosting another one. As this is a year long challenge I've decided to go for a Gold Medal which means during 2010 I need to have read 100 books. As my family could tell you...no problem for me. If you want to join Vickie the link is in the post title. Everytime I read a book I'll add the title onto a list I'll set up. I did finish a book last night which was "The Dragon Reborn" by Robert Jordan, book 3 in the Wheel of Time series but as I'd started it in December I'll not add it...don't want to start cheating.  I'm off to the library tomorrow with DS2 for his craft club so I'll get to peruse while he covers himself in paint or glue for an hour :-)

Happy Reading X


  1. Gd luck with your reading challenge :) you'll have to update us at end of year if you get your medal, sure you will :) xxx


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