Small Finish

This is a square I've just completed for my Quilts for Breast Cancer group. The design came from a set of 12 which all complete to form an afghan, I've never made the afghan just found the designs sat in my chart box. If anyone out there would like the set of 12 designs please email me
privately and I'll send them to you.

Today while I was sat in playgroup with daughter Darcy we had a delivery by Parcel Force. Not in they took it to our local post office where I collected it this afternoon......hurray its my Lowery Workstand from Sew and Sew. DH ordered it on Sunday night as my Christmas present. He says I can't have it until Christmas though...grrr! As payback his new flashgun arrived just after he left for work....its out of his Christmas money so I've let him test it just to make sure it works and now its back in its box until Christmas Day!!!

Thank you for all your comments, I do appreciate them and try to look at as many of your photos and blogs as I can.


  1. Really nice project your working on.

  2. I love your teddy bear and the Christmas tree! Congrats on the finish! Also, I think it is fine that you are making your husband wait for his Christmas present. Evidently my husband put my Christmas present on lay-a-way in May and finally paid it off in October. Now it is over at our friend's home until Christmas! Everyone but me has seen it. All I know is that everyone is saying, "You'll love it!"

  3. Nice finish! Worthy project too. 3 kids under 5??? When do you find time to stitch?? LOL Welcome to ILCS, looking forward to more blog posts from you.

  4. That's a good deed done well! Just think how happy you and hubby will be on Christmas, though.

  5. Your Teddy is really cute! such a worthy cause too.


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