A Finish Finally!

Don't faint but I've actually finished my Oriental Square for my yahoo group QFBC.

Never thought I'd get this one done, its taken me a lot longer than I planned. It's done on 18ct white aida in 1 strand, did start it in 2 strands but looked too bulky for such a delicate flower design round the edges so unpicked and started again.

Darcy has been ill for the last few weeks, thought it had gone after the first set of antibiotics but within a few days of her finishing the course it came back. Dr said it obviously needed a longer course than normally given so gave her some more, on day 3 of the 2nd set and she's doing fantastic.......AND I got some sleep last night :-) So tonight I sat down after all the kids went to bed at 7pm and was determined to finish it off with the gold stitching round the top and the ying yang symbol.

Think I'll work on my ASAW sal as I'm nearly caught up before starting my next square for QFBC. This time its a beach themed one so my new book "Cross Stitch By The Sea" has come in handy.


  1. Gorgeous, Jo, so glad you persevered! Glad Darcy is bouncing again!

  2. Looks great! Pleased about Darcy. xx

  3. That's lovely, Jo. There are a lot of stitches there, and the time is well spent! Glad the babe is feeling better, too.

  4. that's a lovely finish - where is the design from?

  5. Very nice! Glad to hear Darcy is on the mend.


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