Hiking Cat finally done

Can you believe it I finally finished Hiking Cat with only 12hrs to go til Father's Day! On the way to pick up our eldest from school yesterday we called in the local shopping centre where youngest son picked out a frame for his dads picture. He even picked a red frame as the cats rucksack is red. I did add some writing to the bottom as every couple of months my mum babysits so husband Tony and I can go on a health walk in Clumber Park. These are organised walks between the National Trust and Bassetlaw Council. We usually do the 8 mile walk which has been fantastic everytime we've gone...another one due in July. The first time we did one boy did our legs hurt and we thought we were pretty fit due to lots of days spent walking the kids round Clumber Park.

Now if I can only get a spurt on with the silhouettes project then I can concentrate on catching up with the Friendly Stitchers ASAW SAL. Grid done on the evenweave, just don't want to start the motifs until the silhouette is done. British F1 grand prix on tomorrow so I'll have a couple of hours to sit and sew during it.


  1. Cute! And congratulations on the finish!


  2. How cute is he? I'm glad you were able to finish him in time for Father's day, he's going to love it! *Hugs* DJ

  3. Love that one. Remember the miner's one on the left 'show' there too!

  4. Oh love this - I am sure it will be well appreciated. Hope you enjoy your next walk - i need to get back out walking as i so enjoyed it when i was training for my midnight walk but seem to have ran out of time recently to get out - must make more of an effort ...

  5. What a lovely Fathers Day present, I am sure he will treasure it. I just love your little June Kit you stitched. It would look lovely as part of a quilt.

  6. Looking at all the finished projects I can remember you doing them. Barbara loved the little girl in bed. The little girl at the beach reminds me of you at Blackpool (one and only time I ever went..not impressed with the place). Certainly some of my old favourites there. Come a long way since that first ever project (I still have) you did to help your blood pressure, lol.
    mum xx


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