Not more kits!!

Yes I've been sorting through my boxes and found another 3 cross stitch kits that I had totally forgotton about.

It all started when I wanted to put away my daughters cosytoes from her pram, thanks to the beautiful warm weather its now time to put away the winter gear. For the past week I've been piling it all into our bedroom and as the kids were playing nicely in the boys bedroom (for once!) thought I'd tackle ours before we could only just see a bed. After tidying all their stuff into the storage box, put the ironing away (YES its finally done!!) when I decided to have a quick 5 minutes looking through my old curver box full of completed kits. Really must decide what to do with some of those, frame? quilt into cushions? make into throws? Right at the bottom were 3 brand new kits that I obviously picked up 2 pregnancies ago. A lovely dolphin one, one of 3 friends and a row of ballerinas kit.

I've been very good and put them back into the box (but at the top!) am determined to have no more UFOs and am slowly working my way through the 3 already underway. Rambling Ted is almost done, it would help if I got more than 2hrs a week to work on him as there are loads of fractional stitches...but he's a Margaret Sherry design and they always look so good when done.

To celebrate June (and the end of the half term holiday) I've managed to find out my stitched calendar. Although the weather has gone wet now lets hope that the sun comes back. Lots of lovely sunny weather for stitching, walking and plenty of exercise for the kids.

Talking of the kids I think its time for our darling daughter to get up from a nap. Then the boys will want a snack........oh for the days when I could comfortably sit and sew for hours on end with no interruptions!

See you all soon XX

This is a shot taken by Tony in Castleton on bank holiday Monday. The scenery is amazing, a fantastic part of Derbyshire. Only drawback was Tony taking his camera and having to stand round for ages so he got his shot then complaining that he could have used this or that filter for a better shot!!


  1. bet the penguin one would look good on here as a border


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