Wednesday, 15 January 2020

A Finished Project

Whoo hoo, my first finish of 2020 😃  My Sweet Pea blanket is all done and being used as well.  It's been a joy to crochet this blanket during the cold and wet weather we've had.  It's the first Attic24 blanket I've done but will definitely not be the last.

All done and in use by DH who's recovering from an operation

Parts 1-6, just the border to do now

Parts 1-5

Loving the feel of the wool and my new crochet hook

Parts 1-4

Look at those colours, so cheerful in this dull and wet winter

Parts 1-3

Parts 1 & 2

Part 1 - colours don't look as vibrant as in real life

Just starting - couldn't find my stitch markers so safety pins from the first aid box had to do

All my Sweet Pea blanket wools in a lovely bag from the Wool Warehouse

Thursday, 2 January 2020

Sweet Pea Blanket CAL

I've had a pretty busy Christmas, not all of it good, but I have cracked on with my crocheting every chance I had and managed to get quite a few rows done on my sweet pea blanket.

In fact it's feeling like a proper blanket on my legs now as I work on it!  Best thing about making these blankets during the cold spells is that they keep me warm so I can work longer 😃

Part 2 completed on the 22nd December before it all went downhill.

Part 3 completed on 24th December...not a lot of sleep going on in our house!

Part 4 completed on Saturday 28th December - seriously needed to relax and it's amazing what you can do at 5am in a morning when everyone else is in bed!

I am so pleased with how this is turning out, once you get into the flow of the pattern it's so easy. Must admit I'm eyeing up the next one much to the kids disgust...apparently we have enough blankets now!  Think if it turns cold again I'll turn the heating thermostat right down so they feel the cold and then ask if they'd like me to make another blanket 🤣🤣  I will get back to my stitching but when the kids go back to school and things have calmed down. 

If anyone fancies making one of these blankets they're by Lucy from #Attic 24 and you can buy the wool she uses from #Wool Warehouse in one of their special packs.