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Stash-buster Blanket

After my last 2 blankets I have quite a bit of leftover wool. Normally I'd give it to our daughter who either uses it for French Knitting or makes bracelets out of it. As there's quite a bit left I've decided to make a stash-buster blanket.

After a bit of pc spring cleaning I found a pattern that I'd downloaded a while ago. The Spice of Life blanket from Black Sheep Wools by Sandra Paul from Cherry Heart. Sandra originally did this as a CAL (crochet along) so there are lots of photos of the completed blanket around.  
Here's my start using the remnants...

As you can see there are plenty of different stitches for you to use. Each section is separated by a few rows of trebles. The pattern is well written and there are photographs in case you come across a row of stitches you've not tried before. It's a great learning tool for crocheters.  

End of Another Year

Well by the end of 2018 I'd managed quite a few finishes on the stitching front. The kids had done some amazing things and although the year started off badly when my father-in-law got rushed into hospital by the end we were looking up again. Although, I do hope for some much needed quiet times in 2019!

Firstly here's a round up of my big finishes. There were a few smaller ones but I cannot find the photos (probably on my old phone!)

 As you can tell I'm a fan of Heaven and Earth Designs, hoping to have another finish in 2019 :-)

Then we have the kids, Lumps finally got to black belt in Taekwondo in September. All three of them completed their Get Active Challenge in the Summer.  We all had fabulous times at the coast this year, from the British Taekwondo training camp in Great Yarmouth in May to visiting Edinburgh in August during the Fringe and then down to Broadstairs in October to spend half term with my mother-in-law.  Peter has moved into his last 2 years in seniors (eek where has the time gone?!) and finished his University of Sheffield mentoring program. Luke is happily settled into Y8 and Darcy is in her last year of junior school (so not ready for my baby to move to seniors!).  Here are a few of my favourite photos from the year.

Here's to another year of lots of stitching, walking and fun. Happy New Year to you all xxxx


  1. I love your finishes, especially the dragons!
    It sounds like the kids are keeping you busy. It does go by so fast, so enjoy it!

  2. Your finishes and pictures of family are great!!


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