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A finish to Seasons

Last week I finally sat and stitched the last part in my Seasons SAL . This is the project that I took with me on holiday to Northumberland and worked on quite a lot in the evenings. It's stitched mainly in DMC but I did have a few silks, Weeks Dye Works and a Crescent Colour thrown in. The colours are mainly the same few but for a couple of motifs I switched out to something different just to make it more personalised. I've loved stitching this, it worked up really fast once I actually got time to stitch and I love how the finished project has turned out. The photographs don't show it to it's true justice but it was the only camera I had on hand at the time. My daughter Darcy loves the bunnies and the snowman :-) Now it's onto finishing my HAED and working hard at my CITA again. I am doing the new SAL which is called Peace in my Heart but waiting on fabric from Sparklies so I can choose threads.

A Last Row

Well the kids have finally broken up for the summer holidays, thank heaven I say as the last few weeks were exhausting. Lukie moved to his senior school for the last week and loved it, even if he was surprised that they still had proper lessons on the last day...welcome to secondary school kids!!  It'll be a few weeks into September I reckon before my heart calms everytime the phone rings, thankfully Boo is at the same school so he'll catch him once a day to check he's ok. Meanwhile whilst the kids are off school I'm planning on plenty of stitching along with lots of fun for them. The boys are doing special training days at Dragons Academy, one of which is a First Responder course which is a junior version of First Aid, then they've Nunchuks and Boo is going to a Pressure Points Seminar (no, I'm not letting him practise on me LOL!) We spent this morning at Crackpot Creations near us where the kids have painted a dragon (Lukie), owls (Darcy), jet and bunny (Boo

Stitch Faster the Kids are Coming!!

Can you believe we're nearly at the end of the school year already?  Doesn't seem that long ago that Peter moved to Y8 (2nd year seniors for some of us!), Lukie went into Y6 and Darcy into Y4. It's been a very eventful school year, some good and some not so good but the kids enjoy school so they're happy. On the stitching front I've not done too bad. Finished a couple of pages on my HAED's , kitted up one more and half kitted up a second.  Worked hard on my CITA, getting close to finishing it now.  I had caught up on my Seasons SAL but then have fallen behind again as I secretly stitched Lukie a mini as he's mad on them.  Here are the photos... Seasons SAL by Bee's Needleworks Stitched on 28ct Strength by Heaven and Earth Designs Stitched on 25ct 1x1 Courage by Heaven and Earth Designs Stitched on 25ct 1x1 This is how my CITA looked after I finally finished another part. So close to finishing it now, I've started on t