Thursday, 7 July 2016

Fun June

Well we had loads of fun in June in between storms, hail, horrendous rain and then high temperatures. It's been like having a years worth of weather in one month lol!

We have managed to capture a few photos of our activities though, hope you enjoy them...

Sports Sword practise in Clumber Park
Darcy and her swimming teacher Claire after passing level 4
Rother Valley Swans
Hovercraft Racing at Rother Valley

Racing at Silverstone

A windy but fun morning at Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire

The kids having fun with Master Adam at the Eckington Summer Fayre

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Read or Stitch? A dilemma

Have you ever felt that some weeks just shoot by and before you know it you're back on Sunday and think "what happened?"  That's happened to me quite a few times in the last couple of months. We've had quite an eventful few months that has included me getting some stitching done and lots of books read. Stitching first I think....

A Heaven and Earth design that I did choose to stitch for me but unfortunately didn't specify this to Darcy who has now put her name on it!! It's a fun stitch and I've really enjoyed working on it, haven't done much in the last 6 weeks though as I've been working on another HAED design called Strength, this is a storykeep though and I've used it for the challenge on the HAED facebook group.

The sister design Courage has also been worked on, this time it was for challenge 1. I had hoped to use it for challenge 2 but I needed a full page, fingers crossed on challenge 3 I'll be able to pick it back up.

Here's Darcy's ballerina project all backstitched. 

A couple of smalls, one was for Lukie and one that I'd had in my stash for ages.

So what else have we been up to?  Here are a few photos...
Easter Egg Hunt in Clumber Park
The boys got these for Easter...sports swords!

Lukie was awarded the Eco Award by his school..
Darcy won the Sparkle and Shine award in school. She went back to full time school after Easter. She's not officially in remission yet but gets stronger week by week. She's returned to swimming lessons and it was as if she had never been away. Her teacher says she may pass her level 4 by the end of June.
Darcy went to see the elephants that are appearing around Sheffield from June after one of her hospital appointments. They're to raise money for Sheffield Childrens Hospital, she wants us to buy one for her bedroom!!

Luke passed the grading for his green belt in taekwondo at Dragons Academy
The youngest member of Dragons Academy, Sophie, had her first birthday party on the beach, here are my 3 playing with Adam and Lily (also from Academy)  It was so lovely to have the last bank holiday on the beach and Darcy being well. You wouldn't have realised that Peter broke his collarbone 6 weeks previous to this and it was the first day with no sling. It's driven him crazy not being able to train or do PE in school lol! He's now back up and running although I've refused to let him into fight class until June just to make sure.

Tony has the week off with the kids next week so fingers crossed we'll get out and about.  Then he's off to a car show at Silverstone, followed by hovercraft the following week.  Me?  When I get chance to stitch I do but otherwise I've got lots and lots of reading done thanks to sitting in the car or at clubs for hours on end....the joys of having active kids :-)  

Monday, 11 January 2016

Back to Normal

Well last year definitely finished with a fizzle rather than a bang. As our daughter Darcy was taken in to Sheffield Childrens Hospital on 30th September and spent weeks there only to be allowed out as long as she visited between 3-5 days a week until December I didn't get time to do much of anything.

I did however finally finish DH's Cruising the Information Highway by Randal Spangler...yes you read that right, he's finally finished after nearly 2 years.
Cruising the Information Highway by Randal Spangler
25ct 1 x 1
I did try and put some stitches into my HAED Storykeep called Courage which is for Peter, didn't end up doing a lot though but here it is so far.

My next big HAED project is called Smiles in my Cup and was all kitted up by the middle of December ready for starting at the beginning of January.  I just couldn't resist it when I saw it on the HAED site!

I did put a few stitches in on my Kings and Queens but not as many as I'd hoped but here's a photo of it so far with my lovely matching mug that DH bought me in the summer. 

In between finishing Cruising and before starting Smiles I promised Darcy that I would stitch her ballerina project. As at the time she looked so ill hooked up to drips in hospital I quickly agreed to cheer her up.  It's a DMC kit I've had in my stash for quite a long time, after finally opening it I decided that I didn't like the fabric it came with and ordered some wonderful 28ct opalescent. It hasn't took that long to stitch up, the hardest part was working on 28ct over 2 after so long on 25ct 1x1...the stitches looked HUGE lol!

Thanks to lots of time waiting around Sheffield Children's Hospital I managed to hit my Goodreads reading target of 150 books. Let's admit it there's not a lot to do when you're a parent and your child is resting in hospital, especially after the first 3 weeks and the wonderful parents of children who were there as long as we were finally left, I was glad for them but it left me at a loose end for conversation. When Darcy did feel well enough she joined in the craft activities and stitched a few things for display in the ward.

During this difficult time the boys were still going to school but had to cut back on their after school activities, no more swimming or scouts. Taekwondo wasn't cancelled but some weeks they only had 1 lesson, thankfully Dragons Academy were amazing with the boys and completely understood when they couldn't get there. Lukie even managed to grade for his yellow belt. They both kept up with their schoolwork and even if some days getting them home from school took a lot of logistics and help from my dad we managed.

Things looked up in December when Darcy was put back to only once or twice a week at the hospital and was even allowed to return to school for a couple of hours a week. We all went to the christmas party that Dragons Academy held, the boys loved having their sister with them and we all had a good time. Took Darcy 2 days to recover but she told the hospital she wasn't going to miss it LOL!

Thankfully after an appointment with Darcy's consultant and physiotherapist on the 22nd December they said she could stay at home for Christmas...hurray!!  Tony bought her a new Lindy Bop dress just for Christmas Day.

All the kids are back in school, Darcy is only allowed to go 3 mornings a week at the minute but as the hospital slowly reduce her medication she'll be able to go more hours. Fingers crossed by the end of this term she'll be back up and running as before.   Thank you for all the support you've shown during this very difficult time, it has made a difference both to ourselves and Darcy.