Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Summer Has Arrived

Yes here in the UK during July summer definitely arrived. We had weeks of very hot weather that meant my stitching came to a standstill as it was just too hot to stitch. I did manage to read quite a bit though and finished the Game of Thrones series, was totally fed up at how the last book ended though as I had questions on what happened to characters that had gone off earlier in the book but never heard from again :-(

 I've worked mainly on my HAED in July and finally finished page 3 on the 30th at 11pm...refused to go to bed until the last stitch on that page was in LOL!  Here's what she's looking like and page 4 all printed and ready to go..

 I've also done a bit on my Lavender Needlecase, not many more stitches to put into this now before I can put it together. Want to do it before our holiday in Scotland so it can hold spare needles.

Part 13 of ATW has been released but not starting it until the kids are back in school in September. Did work a bit on part 13 of my CITA but not done much of it as the heatwave hit, here's where it's at so far though...

AND I realised that I haven't posted a photo of my completed Confetti of Hardanger that I finished a while ago, here's what it looks like. It's going to hang in our lounge as it matches the colour scheme in there. Seriously love the Aries fabric from Sparklies so going to find something else to stitch on this colour :-)

Finally the kids have been out and about a bit in July. DS1 had his 9th birthday and we bought him a Kindle Fire filled with his favourite authors books so he's been pretty quiet in the house!

The boys at the Magna Science Adventure Centre

Darcy in Magna
Peter playing the cowpat game at Clumber Park

Darcy busy filling in her Cow Questionaire, the question was how many cows can you see in the meadow? There were loads, everytime she wrote an answer she spotted more!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Another Finish

Finally got around to finishing my Blackwork Butterfly. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out and loved working with the Oliver Twist threads. Better catch up a bit on my CITA and HAED before I start the next project.
Blackwork Butterfly designed by Mary Hickmott

Monday, 1 July 2013

A Dark Side Finish

I've finally had a finish...yay!  I try and make something for DH every year and for Father's Day I made him a small design based on Darth Vader from Star Wars. The men in our house are BIG Star Wars fans and the boys call their dad Vader so thought this was apt.
Darth Vader

Must admit in June I didn't do that much work on my HAED, in fact not a lot of stitching some weeks. But here's where I'm at with my HAED...
Cruising the Information Highway by Randal Spangler

And here's my Blackwork Butterfly, finally did the outline for the second wing and started filling in....

I have got a new chart, this one I couldn't resist. Anyone who knows me will know that I adore Jane Austen and my all time favourite is Pride & Prejudice. Brooke's Books has a new design that I just couldn't resist. It's called "The Darcy's"  I may save it and take it up to Scotland as my holiday project, if I can resist starting it that long. 

And if you've been following Brooke's stitchers alphabet then you'll know that Z has been released. If you've never seen them then pop along to her website and have a look. There are some fantastic designs on there for all levels of stitchers.

Hope everyone is having lovely weather and getting lots of stitching done xxx