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Stash-buster Blanket

After my last 2 blankets I have quite a bit of leftover wool. Normally I'd give it to our daughter who either uses it for French Knitting or makes bracelets out of it. As there's quite a bit left I've decided to make a stash-buster blanket.

After a bit of pc spring cleaning I found a pattern that I'd downloaded a while ago. The Spice of Life blanket from Black Sheep Wools by Sandra Paul from Cherry Heart. Sandra originally did this as a CAL (crochet along) so there are lots of photos of the completed blanket around.  
Here's my start using the remnants...

As you can see there are plenty of different stitches for you to use. Each section is separated by a few rows of trebles. The pattern is well written and there are photographs in case you come across a row of stitches you've not tried before. It's a great learning tool for crocheters.  

One Month Down, 11 to Go!

That's one month gone out of the year already, it's gone by so fast. At the end of January I finally caught the dreaded flu bug that has been going around, a week in bed feeling really rough where my mind was willing but my body definitely wasn't able to stitch! But, I'm on the mend now and my stitching has been resumed...hurray!!

Here's what some of my projects look like now...

Cruising the Information Highway - HAED
worked 1 over 1 on 25ct full cross
total stitch count for January on this is 4720. 

 Castles in the Air, working on part 6 - Papillion Creations

Around the World in 80 Stitches, part 7 completed - Papillion Creations

Part 8 is all printed out and ready for next Wednesday when I'll work on it as part of Friendly Stitchers WIP Wednesday.

 Sledding, worked on 18ct Aida
This is my Saturday afternoon project that I work on whilst DD is playing and the boys are on the Xbox!

My orts jar filled with threads from January's stitching (except ATW & CITA). 
Still loads of room left for the remaining 11 months :-)

Thank you for all of your comments and for visiting my website.


  1. Beautiful stitching, especially the Papillons!

  2. Everything is lovely! Didn't realise you were doing a HAED.

  3. Great work in January. How are finding the HAED?

    1. I'm loving it Maureen, if i only worked on this project i wouldn't enjoy it as much


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