Monday, 23 December 2013

Damp December

Wow has it been very damp so far this month here in Yorkshire, we feel like we're in a constant shower some days LOL!

Stitching wise it's been pretty quiet as you can imagine with 3 children and their activities. I have managed to get some stitching done but not as much as usual, here they are...

Christmas Mug Rugs

DS1 asked if I could make his teacher and his teaching assistant something special for Christmas to say thank you for helping him in his first term at his new school. We spent ages scrolling through charts until he came across these on Craftsy, straight away he knew that's what he wanted making. He helped choose the fabric and put them together.

Around the World in 80 Stitches
Papillon Creations

Finished putting part 14 together on my Around the World sampler, it was quite a quick stitch this time and some lovely stitches in it.
Completed part 3 on my Positive Thinking can find the original design here

The kids have been super busy during the last month. DD had her nativity (can't show photos on the web as other peoples children are in them) she also was part of a small group of Y1 children who went to a Festive Sports Day where they competed against other children their ages from a few local schools.  Her ballet exams went well, she took her 2nd rosette exam and also her 1st pre-juvenile exam in ballet, the presentation will be next year.

DS1 is his usual busy self with martial arts, swimming and other clubs. He's moving from the Cubs into the Scouts section from January so we need to buy him a new uniform, only just stitched the Artists and Faith badges onto his cubs sweatshirt LOL!  He'll be grading for his next Taekwondo belt in January and in February has a BTA competition lined up.
On Boo's last Taekwondo lesson before Christmas they had to go in Santa hats.
DS2 has been amazing in the last couple of months. As some of you will know Lukie has had some problems at school during his Y2, he moved to the Juniors in September and we worked with the school before he started so they understood his needs. I think the letter from Rygate Childrens Centre and a visit from our local special needs team helped as it gave them a base to start with. He has a wonderful TA who he absolutely adores and is loving school. At the end of July he couldn't even write his name, his reading was good because I read a lot with the kids but other aspects were what you'd expect from a 4yr old starting school. In 4 months at his new school with the help and encouragement of his teachers and his TA being with him so he feels safe he's like a different boy. His writing is coming along wonderfully, his maths is amazing and he loves doing extra work at home. On the last week they had a special trophy assembly where they give out merit certificates etc and he was awarded with the Y3 Outstanding Progress trophy. The best bit is he doesn't seem to have realised what an achievement it is and has taken it in his stride, though for us words cannot express how proud we are of him and how thankful we are that the school take the time to help and encourage him.  It's a wonderful feeling knowing that finally I can drop him off at school and know that he's safe and someone is there who he feels safe with and cares about his feelings/needs.

Saturday, 16 November 2013


I've actually finished a couple of parts of my Papillon Creations SAL at long last...yay! Also a page on my HAED, I know don't faint LOL!

Part 13 on my Castles in the Air was finally finished. The only reason this part has taken me so long is that I kept getting sidetracked by other projects.  Loving how this is coming together now.
Castles in the Air
Papillion Creations
Part 13 was finally finished on my Around the World in 80 Stitches, must admit I haven't enjoyed this part as much as the others. The Pistil Stitch gave me some trouble, I've done this stitch loads of times on cotton fabric as freestyle embroidery but this is the first time I've done it on evenweave and didn't enjoy it at all.
Around the World in 80 Stitches
by Papillon Creations
Finished page 4 of my HAED at long last, the last column has gone quite quickly as it wasn't confetti heavy. Only 2 more pages and I'll have finished the first row :-)
Cruising the Information Highway by Heaven & Earth Designs
Stitched 1 over 1 on 25ct

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Stitching Time

After losing my stitching mojo somewhat in September I'm now back on a roll and have managed to get quite a bit done as well as being busy with the kids. Stitching first though....

I've started a new SAL called "Postitive Thinking" The chart itself is free and is in French, English, Spanish, German and Italian. It's a wonderful design, I'm doing the French version as some of my regular followers will know I'm a sucker for a French SAL LOL!

Positive Thinking

I've also been working on my HAED "Cruising the Information Highway" and have nearly finished page 4. Managed to get quite a bit of this page done during the kids half term as DH was off work as well :-)

Cruising the Information Highway
Stitched on 25ct 1 over 1 full cross

Finished my "She Sells Seashells" all but a little bit of sand where I've run out of Peanut Brittle thread :-(  I'll have to wait until I visit Bakewell next to pick up some more but here's what it looks like..

Not done much on my Papillon Creation SALs, CITA and ATW so no photos. Really need to make an effort to sit with the CITA as I'd nearly finished another part on it.

I have started a new project though. Another HAED but this time a Story Keep called Courage. This is my Martial Arts project; in other words I'm only working on it when DS1 is in his Karate or Taekwondo class. Here's what it will look like when done as I've not taken a photo yet, only done 200 stitches in black on the top left side.
Stitching on 25ct 1 over 1
Other news from Yorkshire now....been a busy couple of months here with the kids for one reason or another so I'll just show you as it'll be a lot easier LOL!

Darcy had her first dance presentation for ballet and tap in October.

Peter AKA Boo attended his first British Taekwondo Association competition as part of the Dragons Academy team.

He was first up and the only white belt there but was so proud to hold his runner up medal. Says he definitely wants to do more Taekwondo competitions.

The weekend following the competition Boo graded for his first Taekwondo belt. He couldn't stop smiling when he got home and show his dad.

Luke and I went to the Anston Butterfly House on a school trip. He enjoyed it so much he wanted to take his brother and sister whilst on half term. Here he is on that visit after making a new friend who he called "Uncle Graham" after his real uncle.

Darcy received her 25m badge in her swimming lesson at the beginning of half term. She was so proud of herself for getting into the deep end and swimming all the way down without putting her feet down once or stopping.

This weekend it was Boo's turn as he spent his swimming lesson swimming constant lengths and gained his 400m badge. Boy was he exhausted by the end of the last length, you could tell as his arms were getting slower and slower!!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

A New Start

Before our holiday I had another finish. The lavender needlecase that I've had as a UFO for too long *hanging head in shame*  When it was finally done it held spare needles for Scotland.

For my holiday stitching in Scotland I took my Mary Wigham Sampler, this has been sat in my stitching bag for a while with hardly anytime being devoted to it *hanging head in shame*  Although I didn't get a lot of time to stitch on it as we were so busy having fun I did put in a few stitches here and there and this is how it's looking now...
Mary Wigham Sampler
On our return to Yorkshire instead of carrying on with my HAED I decided to have a break and dig out a project that has been sat in my drawer for quite some time. This is by Country Cottage and is called "She Sells Seashells" I'm stitching it on some 28ct that I found in my stash box, using the threads it calls for which are DMC and Crescent Colours. Finding it really quick and easy to stitch whilst the kids are still on holidays.
She Sells Seashells
Country Cottage Needleworks
"And how did Scotland go?"  I hear you ask....exhausting, wonderful, fun, warm. We had long walks in the forest, on the beach, visited a few new places, Peter Boo had a photoshoot in Sweetheart Abbey and on the beach, visited Mabie Farm Park where Darcy discovered her adventurous streak (much to my hearts sinking LOL!) lots and lots of swimming and the 2 youngest completed a nature trail. Here's a few highlights...

Lukie in Mabie Forest capturing the flora and fauna

Southerness Beach practising his katas
Peter Boo in Sweetheart Abbey
Early morning at Mabie Farm Park before the heat really hit.
Southerness Beach
Late afternoon on the beach "arghh I'm getting wet!"

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Summer Has Arrived

Yes here in the UK during July summer definitely arrived. We had weeks of very hot weather that meant my stitching came to a standstill as it was just too hot to stitch. I did manage to read quite a bit though and finished the Game of Thrones series, was totally fed up at how the last book ended though as I had questions on what happened to characters that had gone off earlier in the book but never heard from again :-(

 I've worked mainly on my HAED in July and finally finished page 3 on the 30th at 11pm...refused to go to bed until the last stitch on that page was in LOL!  Here's what she's looking like and page 4 all printed and ready to go..

 I've also done a bit on my Lavender Needlecase, not many more stitches to put into this now before I can put it together. Want to do it before our holiday in Scotland so it can hold spare needles.

Part 13 of ATW has been released but not starting it until the kids are back in school in September. Did work a bit on part 13 of my CITA but not done much of it as the heatwave hit, here's where it's at so far though...

AND I realised that I haven't posted a photo of my completed Confetti of Hardanger that I finished a while ago, here's what it looks like. It's going to hang in our lounge as it matches the colour scheme in there. Seriously love the Aries fabric from Sparklies so going to find something else to stitch on this colour :-)

Finally the kids have been out and about a bit in July. DS1 had his 9th birthday and we bought him a Kindle Fire filled with his favourite authors books so he's been pretty quiet in the house!

The boys at the Magna Science Adventure Centre

Darcy in Magna
Peter playing the cowpat game at Clumber Park

Darcy busy filling in her Cow Questionaire, the question was how many cows can you see in the meadow? There were loads, everytime she wrote an answer she spotted more!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Another Finish

Finally got around to finishing my Blackwork Butterfly. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out and loved working with the Oliver Twist threads. Better catch up a bit on my CITA and HAED before I start the next project.
Blackwork Butterfly designed by Mary Hickmott

Monday, 1 July 2013

A Dark Side Finish

I've finally had a finish...yay!  I try and make something for DH every year and for Father's Day I made him a small design based on Darth Vader from Star Wars. The men in our house are BIG Star Wars fans and the boys call their dad Vader so thought this was apt.
Darth Vader

Must admit in June I didn't do that much work on my HAED, in fact not a lot of stitching some weeks. But here's where I'm at with my HAED...
Cruising the Information Highway by Randal Spangler

And here's my Blackwork Butterfly, finally did the outline for the second wing and started filling in....

I have got a new chart, this one I couldn't resist. Anyone who knows me will know that I adore Jane Austen and my all time favourite is Pride & Prejudice. Brooke's Books has a new design that I just couldn't resist. It's called "The Darcy's"  I may save it and take it up to Scotland as my holiday project, if I can resist starting it that long. 

And if you've been following Brooke's stitchers alphabet then you'll know that Z has been released. If you've never seen them then pop along to her website and have a look. There are some fantastic designs on there for all levels of stitchers.

Hope everyone is having lovely weather and getting lots of stitching done xxx

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

June is Here

Well June is here and let us all hope that the weather improves. Here in Yorkshire we didn't do that bad in May, had a couple of hot weekends that for once covered the bank holidays...yay!  Inbetween though plenty of rain and very cold weather, apparently we've had the coldest spring in though we all didn't know that LOL!

I have been stitching though, regular visitors will have seen the update on my ATW a couple of weeks ago. As we're now waiting for the next part I've been working on my CITA, here's how she stands at the minute..

My HAED "Cruising the Information Highway" by Randall Spangler looks like this after May's stitching..

As I seem to be working on quite large projects now I need a "finish" to give me a boost. Years ago when I went to the Harrogate stitching show with the Yahoo Group Friendly Stitchers (link in sidebar) I picked up some wonderful thread by Oliver Twists with the intention of doing a blackwork butterfly from a magazine. Years later and I finally started to stitch it, here's how it looks after working on it at least an hour a day..
The design is from Mary Hickmott's New Stitches issue 197.  If you wish to purchase just this chart to stitch it as well just click on Mary's name and it will take you straight to it.

Finally no monthly update would be complete without a photo or 2 of what my lot have been up to. These are taken during the kids half term holiday.

Our little baby is growing up.  She's looking forward to starting Y1 in September.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Around the World in 80 Stitches

This week part 12 came out of Papillon Creations SAL "Around the World in 80 Stitches"  Couldn't wait to get working on it and I managed to complete the part before the kids broke up from school for the week.  Here's my version

As you can see I decided to do the speciality stitch version, my favourite for this part was the Dunstan Stitch.

If you want to join in the SAL please click Papillon Creations and it will take you straight there. Yvonne also does a cross stitch version for those who prefer it.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

HAED - Another Page

Yay I finally finished page 2 of my HAED design Cruising the Information Highway.  Here it is so far

Cruising the Information Highway
Heaven & Earth Designs
Stitched 1 over 1 on 25ct

Took me ages to do the last bit as tons of confetti but finally finished this morning. Page 3 all ready and thankfully lots of lovely blocks of colour.