Sunday, 24 June 2012


Yes don't faint but my French Postcard SAL is finished at long last! It's taken me over a year but DS1 is thrilled that the actual stitching is finally done. Now I've just got to put it together, DS1 wants it as a wall hanging in his room. There is a January but a lot of the stitching is in white so hard to see.

Another big finish for me is The Great Escape. The last part came out Friday 1st June which was 1 day before our holiday...managed to get it all stitched up before we went away Saturday morning. Took it with me and DH took the photo for me, this one has definitely turned into one of my favourites and DH loved taking photos of it.

If you fancy having a go at making your own Great Escape the design will soon be for sale on

Can you believe another finish as well...this time it's Wise Guy Ducks for our DD who is mad on "duckies"

Now I've a couple of projects done I can concentrate on my Noah's Ark and my Papillion Creations SALs. Yes CITA is still a WIP and I've also started's a photo of the latter one's part 1 halfway through.

To finish here's a couple of my favourite photos from our holiday down in Kent. DH had a lot of fun on the beach with his camera, even got some of DS1 on the beach in his karate gi practising his kata's at 7.30am in the morning!!

As you've already noticed the background on my blog has again changed...this is one of DH's photographs of the beach at Botany Bay in Kent where we were staying.