Monday, 31 December 2012

Another Year Has Flown

Can you believe we're at the end of 2012 already? As a lot of you know I spent most of the year working on the Bothy Threads Cut Thru "Noah's Ark", this kit definitely tested my patience as the Supertwist thread used in it was horrendous to work with....but here it is finished on Friday night around midnight.
Bothy Threads Cut Thru Noah's Ark
Stitched on 28ct Sunny Skies by Sparklies

Altogether this year I managed to complete over 22 projects which I'm pretty pleased with. I've a list of projects I'd like to complete in 2013 all ready so fingers crossed I'll get some of them done as well. Here are some of my finishes..

At the start of 2012 my vase was empty and all ready for my orts, here's what it looks like tonight after a years stitching. The only orts not in the vase are my ATW and CITA as they have their own bags.
It wouldn't be a fitting end of the year without a couple of photos courtesy of my husband Tony. He's got a new project in the pipelines for 2013 that he's doing with our son Luke so I'm sure you'll be getting to see what they'll be up to.
All that's left is for me to wish you a Happy New Year and I hope you have lots of fun and stitching in 2013 xxx

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The North Wind Blows

And it's certainly blowing here in Yorkshire at the minute, winter has arrived with a blast of arctic air that for my husband means fantastic photographs but for us means being cold when we're outside on school runs!

Here's my finish of LHNs "The North Wind Blows" 

It's stitched on Snowy Skies fabric by Sparklies and was a dream to stitch on .This was such a fun stitch even if the frog did visit whilst doing the border!  I ran out of the brown for the edges as well, only 6 stitches from the end which frustrated me immensely. The worst thing was I bought the wrong thread twice before finally remembering the correct number to finish it off LOL!  I'm now going to buy a lovely frame that I've seen in a local shop and have it hung in our bedroom.

Yes you're eyes are working, Noah has another page finished. Managed to finish page 8 in-between school concerts, Christmas dinners and after school classes. Looking forward to Christmas so I get to have a few days kids have a better social life than we do!! Thankfully page 9 isn't very big and has lots of blocks of colours so hopefully I'll get it done faster than the last page :-)

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year with lots of stitching time...Jo xx

Monday, 12 November 2012

A Finish

As I've been working hard on Noah's Ark for ages I decided to work on one of the designs from my 2012 to do list. I love the pirates by Sue Hillis and knew they're quick stitches so here he is...

Our two youngest are also dressing as pirates for the day in school to raise money for Children in Need. Here's a sneak preview of Darcy in her outfit..

I also took part in a Christmas exchange with my FB group, this is what i sent to my partner Rhonda along with a Yorkshire & Derbyshire calendar...
And this is what I was sent by Susan..

Mouse over on Friendly Stitchers designed 2 smalls for the 10th anniversary of the group. This is what I did with the designs...
 The bag now hands on my Lowery for my Noah's Ark orts.

To finish off here's where Noah's Ark has got to...
It's due to the Supertwist thread in the rainbow that I lost heart on this project, although it does look effective:

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

One Stitch At A Time

I've been working hard on my Noah's Ark project lately, finally I can see some actual progress. The Supertwist thread used for the rainbow has really been a pain challenge to work with but perseverance with lots of encouragement from Friendly Stitchers has had me plodding along.  Not long to go now before I'm on the last 3 pages at the bottom....

Don't faint either but I've finally finished my Purple Flower project. Sat down yesterday with DH who had the day off work and put the last 2 petals together.

Stitches used in this are :-

Up and Down Buttonhole
Bullion Knots
French Knots

A quilt square as well. The centre piece was part of my TAST challenge and I just quilted round it. (seriously must start putting these together soon!)

I finally managed to complete part 3 of Around the World in 80 Stitches by Papillion Creations as she is

And I couldn't resist putting a photo on that DH took last month. We all went on the Bluebell Wood Wellie Walk at Clumber Park (Bluebell Wood is a children's hospice near to us) and Luke thought meeting the squirrel who's the mascot was fantastic. He just couldn't stop laughing at her and DH managed to capture it.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

A Park Day

We decided in the school summer holidays to take the kids to Clumber Park for a few hours to try and wear them out...did it work? NO but we did have fun :-)

We've watched a lot of the Olympics during the holidays and our kids really enjoyed watching the different events. Our DD Darcy loved watching the Equestrian and swimming events, the boys enjoyed the boxing, canoeing, gymnastics and athletics. They took to copying their favourite athletes and could be seen making hearts with their arms, kissing the floor or doing a 'bolt' everywhere...including Clumber Park.

During the summer inside the Walled Kitchen Garden they had a Gnome and Fairy hunt which was great fun for them.
The boxer is DH's favourite gnome, he's named him Master Terry after DS1's Karate teacher!

DD was so excited everytime she found a fairy. The kids even went into the fairy shed to make their own wands.

Here are a few of the photos DH took not just of the kids but of things around our day in Clumber..

 You can just see the little bee landing on the flower, they're in decline so it was lovely to capture one enjoying the summer sun and flowers just as we were.
 We've no idea what this flower was (we're no gardeners!) but the colours just stood out. It looked absolutely amazing surrounded by the greenery.
 Our DD's favourite flowers, starting to wilt slightly on this very hot day but still beautiful.

Walking up towards the walled kitchen garden we found these bird houses put onto a tree.

The kids were fascinated and it even looks good as well as being functional.

Well no stitching to show this time as the school holidays have been mostly spent at Sheffield Dragons with the boys or playing in parks and fields as a family. Fingers crossed I'll soon have some stitching to show when they all return to school in September.

Monday, 23 July 2012


During July I've managed to get some work done on Around the World in 80 Stitches and Castles In The Air by Papillion Creations

Finally after many months I've finished part 3 on CITA, here's what it's looking like...

I've nearly caught up with ATW, part 4 was released during July and I managed to finish part 2 during the week. Must admit that I didn't like the Mordvinian Stitch at all and frogged it after using 2st of white changing it to perle.  Started on part 3, this part has 2 versions; a cutwork and a speciality. I've decided to use both so  the side petals will be in speciality and the vertical petals in cutwork.

I've also been working on some of the  TAST challenges, you notice I say 'some'. That's because some of the stitches I've used so frequently in lots of different ways that I will admit that I've skipped that week and waited for something that I've either not done before or that I need practise on.

Here are the 2 pieces of work that I've put some of the challenges onto, there are also stitches on them that haven't been in the challenges so far....
PURPLE FLOWER - Running stitch, Bullion Knots (TAST week 20) Chain Stitch, French Knots, Couching, Up & Down Buttonhole Stitch (TAST week 28), Basque Stitch (TAST week 29)

QUILT BLOCK - Threaded Herringbone Stitch - along the thread I put pink beads, Cable Chain (TAST week25)

Finally our daughter Darcy finished nursery on Friday 20th as she'll be going to 'big' school in September. The nursery had 28 children leaving so decided to hold a graduation party for them's a photo of Darcy at her graduation.

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Yes don't faint but my French Postcard SAL is finished at long last! It's taken me over a year but DS1 is thrilled that the actual stitching is finally done. Now I've just got to put it together, DS1 wants it as a wall hanging in his room. There is a January but a lot of the stitching is in white so hard to see.

Another big finish for me is The Great Escape. The last part came out Friday 1st June which was 1 day before our holiday...managed to get it all stitched up before we went away Saturday morning. Took it with me and DH took the photo for me, this one has definitely turned into one of my favourites and DH loved taking photos of it.

If you fancy having a go at making your own Great Escape the design will soon be for sale on

Can you believe another finish as well...this time it's Wise Guy Ducks for our DD who is mad on "duckies"

Now I've a couple of projects done I can concentrate on my Noah's Ark and my Papillion Creations SALs. Yes CITA is still a WIP and I've also started's a photo of the latter one's part 1 halfway through.

To finish here's a couple of my favourite photos from our holiday down in Kent. DH had a lot of fun on the beach with his camera, even got some of DS1 on the beach in his karate gi practising his kata's at 7.30am in the morning!!

As you've already noticed the background on my blog has again changed...this is one of DH's photographs of the beach at Botany Bay in Kent where we were staying.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

May is Here

May is here and I've not accomplished that much stitching wise since my last post as I've been too exhausted by the time the kids have gone to bed.

I have worked a bit on my Noah's Ark, I didn't like the way the sea looked at the bottom of page 2 so frogged it all and started it again. Page 3 is nearly completed...the bit with the sparkly rainbow.
Noah's Ark by Bothy Threads

I started the Wise Guy Duck for my DD. I don't stitch much with aida anymore so replaced it with some 28ct blue that I had lying around. She loves watching it grow and can't wait until it's done.
Wise Guy Ducks

Here's where my CITA stands so far, as you can see I've still not completed part 4 but am getting nearer. I had to frog the central urn a few times as I was a stitch out...can you believe the bit that got me frustrated was plain cross stitch LOL!  I have got the threads for the new Papillion Creations SAL Around the World in 80 Stitches but haven't got the fabric yet even though I've picked it out.
Castles in the Air by Papillion Creations

Here's how my Great Escape stands after stitching part 16 this weekend.
The Great Escape by Abi Gurden

Finally stitching wise here's what I stitched for my Mother-in-Law and took down when we went off to Kent for DH's niece's wedding. 
Spring Basket by Abi Gurden

And here's what I've been busy doing when I'm not round my 2 boys and this is what they've been up to....

DS2 dancing his Square Tango with his teacher Jo at his presentation.

Peter on the night he was awarded his brown belt at Sheffield Dragons