Sunday, 27 November 2011

Stitching Time

As some of you know at the end of July I developed frozen shoulder in my right shoulder..not the best time just before the kids school summer holidays but there it was. I did seem to recover in September and October but in the last few weeks it's bad again. I've had to drop my Tai Chi class as the pain was just too much for me but it has meant that I get more stitching time :-)

I've had to put every project on my Lowery so I don't strain my shoulder but here's my progress on my WIPs

Hardanger Pincushion
designed by Val Blench
Friendly Stitchers

The Great Escape
designed by Abi Gurden
The Stitch Specialists

A few months ago I took part in the Summer Biscornu Exchange with Friendly Stitchers. My partner fell through sending me a biscornu so Gillie from FS kindly stitched me this lovely summer biscornu. My DD has fallen in love with it as it's got her absolute favourite colours pink & purple in it and flower buttons (what more could a little girl ask for ?!). It's so beautiful and thank you sooo much Gillie.

Then on Friday a surprise parcel arrived for's what it contained..

Stitched by Gillie so our DD had her very own biscornu. It's a big hit and she showed it to everyone in the pub that lunchtime whilst we were having lunch!  Thank you so much Gillie you made a little girl very happy x

Castles In The Air
Papillion Creations

Mary Wigham SAL

Bothy Threads Cut Thru Noah's Ark

Finally it's TUSAL time again. For those who want to sign up for the 2012 Tusal please visit   I totally forgot to sign up last year due to going away for Christmas and the subsequent flu that all the family came down with but this year I remembered. There are no prizes but it's fun!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

SAL & Exchange Time

I've been working hard on my SAL's the last few weeks....

Mary Wigham SAL

Snow Buddies
designed by Carla Rizzie
The Great Escape
designed by Abi Gurden
The Stitch Specialists

I also took part in the Christmas Ornament Exchange with Friendly Stitchers. My partner was Frances who also lives in Yorkshire...a change for me as I'm usually sending abroad.  This is what Frances sent to me:

And this is what I sent to Frances -