Friday, 23 December 2011

Present Time

DS2 takes dance lessons at Drapers Dance Centre every Saturday morning and for his first medal he had to learn a freestyle dance and he also had to dance a Samba.

Obviously as his mum I knew he'd pass as we (yes you read that right LOL!) practised every week inbetween his classes. I found a lovely design of two dancers doing the Samba and secretly stitched it for him. He duly passed his medal and got awarded his bannerette with the rosette and certificate. To celebrate his first dance exam he's now got his own Samba on his bedroom he is holding it.

I also stitched up a small ornament for my Mother and Father-in-law. The kids are still disgusted that we can't go and spend Christmas in Kent again this year, they loved it last year...just a pity they all came home ill with flu!
designed by Abi Gurden
The Stitch Specialists

After going through 2 balls of white #8 perle thread and our local Hobbycraft not having any a lovely stitcher called Frances who is part of my yahoo group Friendly Stitchers put some on her stash order. As a small thank you for sending them to me I designed and stitched this small humbug, couldn't resist the Christmas theme :-)

I took the boys to Sheffield's Weston Park Museum on Thursday as they were having a Christmas activity day, this is what the boys made. Luke's is the Father Christmas and Peter's is the Stocking.

I've not had as much stitching time as normal thanks to the pre-Christmas round of parties, nativities and the usual present hunting but here's where I'm up to on my normal stitching...
Castles In The Air
Papillion Creations 
parts 1-3 completed

Noah's Ark Cut Thru
Bothy Threads

A Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. See you next year xx

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Stitching Time

As some of you know at the end of July I developed frozen shoulder in my right shoulder..not the best time just before the kids school summer holidays but there it was. I did seem to recover in September and October but in the last few weeks it's bad again. I've had to drop my Tai Chi class as the pain was just too much for me but it has meant that I get more stitching time :-)

I've had to put every project on my Lowery so I don't strain my shoulder but here's my progress on my WIPs

Hardanger Pincushion
designed by Val Blench
Friendly Stitchers

The Great Escape
designed by Abi Gurden
The Stitch Specialists

A few months ago I took part in the Summer Biscornu Exchange with Friendly Stitchers. My partner fell through sending me a biscornu so Gillie from FS kindly stitched me this lovely summer biscornu. My DD has fallen in love with it as it's got her absolute favourite colours pink & purple in it and flower buttons (what more could a little girl ask for ?!). It's so beautiful and thank you sooo much Gillie.

Then on Friday a surprise parcel arrived for's what it contained..

Stitched by Gillie so our DD had her very own biscornu. It's a big hit and she showed it to everyone in the pub that lunchtime whilst we were having lunch!  Thank you so much Gillie you made a little girl very happy x

Castles In The Air
Papillion Creations

Mary Wigham SAL

Bothy Threads Cut Thru Noah's Ark

Finally it's TUSAL time again. For those who want to sign up for the 2012 Tusal please visit   I totally forgot to sign up last year due to going away for Christmas and the subsequent flu that all the family came down with but this year I remembered. There are no prizes but it's fun!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

SAL & Exchange Time

I've been working hard on my SAL's the last few weeks....

Mary Wigham SAL

Snow Buddies
designed by Carla Rizzie
The Great Escape
designed by Abi Gurden
The Stitch Specialists

I also took part in the Christmas Ornament Exchange with Friendly Stitchers. My partner was Frances who also lives in Yorkshire...a change for me as I'm usually sending abroad.  This is what Frances sent to me:

And this is what I sent to Frances - 

Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Time is Flying By..

I can't believe August is over and we're nearly at the end of October already, it doesn't seem like 2 minutes ago since the kids went back to school and they're already half way through the term.

I took part in an Autumn Exchange with my Facebook group, Carla sent to me (in previous post) and this is what I sent to Kim. The scissor fob design is from the 2009 A Stitch A Week SAL from Friendly Stitchers.

And here a few other projects I've been working on in the last month...

Snow Buddy
Designed by Carla Rizzie
there are 12 of these little guys.

On Tuesday mornings I go to our local library where they have a cross stitch club. I've started taking my Mary Wigham sampler so that at least once a week she gets some work done on her. This is the progress so far...
Mary Wigham SAL

The Great Escape
designed by Abi Gurden
(The Stitch Specialists)

Purple Belt Dragon
small present for DS1 after passing his grading for his purple karate belt

Last but definitely no means least...don't faint but I finished another UFO!  This is the latest one finished, an All Our Yesterdays.  My yahoo group Friendly Stitchers had a poll on the 2011 UFO finishes and I came in 3rd behind DJ and Meg who were well deserved winners.  This is what I was sent by the Mods of Friendly Stitchers...
All Our Yesterdays UFO
2011 Wet Noodle Award - 3rd Place
(Friendly Stitchers)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Schools are Open - Hurray!

It's been a long 6 weeks with the kids off school and my shoulder still giving me pain that we didn't do as much as we usually do. However I did manage to get some stitching time in.

After finally completing DS2's dragon I decided on a smaller project to do next. DH has been wanting me to stitch this for a while as it's going to be our family motto:
Sue Hillis Designs
I've also taken part on an Autumn exchange with my stitching group on Facebook. This is a photo of what I received from Carla. I saw the autumn sampler on her FB page and loved it, she designed it herself and send me a copy as part of the exchange. She also crocheted me a bag/holder for my kindle (couldn't cope without a kindle now!) and it's got lots of pockets for me to slide bits in as well.  Can't show you what I've sent to my partner as she hasn't received it yet.

Here's my progress so far on my Castles In The Air. I've nearly finished part 2 and am so enjoying working on it I just wish I had a bit more time somedays!
Castles In The Air Parts 1 -2
Papillion Creations
And finally here is where I'm at with my French Postcard SAL for DS1. Still a few more months to go!

I also made an ornament for DS1's French Teacher as a thank you. Due to unforseen circumstances she's had to give up her private lessons at the minute so she was a bit upset, thought it may cheer her up. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before I sent it to her, it was a small square ornament saying Merci and had a flower on it, I stitched it all in Six Strands Sweets. So annoyed I forgot to take the photo but as long as she likes it that's what counts.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Yummy Mummy? NOT!

After reading an online article on the Times Online I decided that I'm totally not a yummy mummy. If you fancy a read yourself hit the title post and it'll take you to it.

Now on a school run day I think I've done great if all the kids leave the house in the correct clothes, with their hair done and with the right I've done great if I manage to drink my coffee hot! After dragging on the first top from the wardrobe with some jeans, attacking my mop of hair with a hairbrush and throwing water on my face I stagger around trying to co-ordinate the kids for a school day and put DH's lunch together, making sure obviously he's got the right shirt as he didn't mention the previous night that he needed one!

We arrive at school, parking on the hill (hey it gives the kids a bit of a walk, staying healthy & all that!) where DS1 who is now in Junior school takes off into the field to meet his friends. DS2's school is next door but he immediately runs into the yard to play with their friends. . I get to stand with other mums (no, not yummy mummies either!) and generally bitch about kids, DHs, lack of sleep and life in general. The kids all turn up by magic when the doors open..obviously they're fitted with magic beacons! I don't get a kiss when DS2 runs in, he just grabs his bags and takes off...I feel so wanted and missed!! Even DD Darcy now runs in to nursery shouting bye bye. Now don't get me wrong I'm glad they all enjoy school/nursery life would be a lot harder if they didn't but SOMETIMES I wish they would say "miss you" or even a kiss. They're growing so fast now I try to grab every cuddle or kiss opportunity as before I know it they'll be saying "Urgh!" 

Ah well, it's Sunday night so my little 'angels' are getting all ready for stories and bed as it's a school day tomorrow :-) 

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Power of the Dragon

Here he is...all done at last

Power of the Dragon
designed by Lesley Teare
(Fantasy Cross Stitch book)

The gold and beads don't show as well as we'd like but at 9pm at night with eyes drooping and a holiday to finish packing for it's the only chance I'd get at a photo!!

Friday, 12 August 2011

The Tree's All Bloomed

My tree of stitches is all finished and is now all blooming, though thanks to the insistence of DD instead of the falling blossom beads it's got raindrop beads!  This has been a total joy to stitch and I can't wait for the new SAL - The Great Escape -  to start in September. The tree of stitches is still available on The Stitch Specialists yahoo group to members only if you'd like to stitch your own tree.
Tree of Stitches
designed by Abi Gurden

And just to show what else I've been up to that has cut seriously into my stitching time here is DS2 dancing at the local Magpies Gala on Sunday 7th August. He goes to Drapers Dance Centre on Saturdays and absolutely loves it, his first medal is coming up in September and he's so excited.

Finally just incase you're wondering YES I am STILL working on DS2's dragon. I'm on the final leg before beading and hoping to finish it before we go on holiday to Scotland. The next update will hopefully have the dragon on it all completed.....or DS2 will string me up LOL!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Some Smalls

I've managed to do a couple of smalls in the last month. As the end of the school year was coming up my boys asked me to make something for their teachers, this is what I made them :

An ornament for DS2's teacher
for this chart click here

A bookmark for DS1's teacher
if you want this chart please click here

I've also been working on a biscornu for a Summer Biscornu Exchange with the yahoo group Friendly Stitchers. After going around Shirebrook Valley one Monday morning with DH and DD and seeing beautiful butterflies I decided to stitch this for my partner Rhonda.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Quick Update

Yes I'm still around and stitching any chance I get, the kids are all off school for the summer in a week so thought I'd better get some photos posted as I won't get that much chance of stitching whilst their all at home.

French Postcard SAL
From January to June...only 6 more months to go!

Tree of Stitches parts 1-13
designed by Abi Gurden
still available as a SAL on The Stitch Specialists

I was going to put an update on Lukie's dragon but decided not to as it's so close to the actual stitching being done. I'm hoping to work on it every night until we go away to Scotland and try to get it done. Luke is driving me crazy about it so it gives me a big incentive.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Castles In The Air & Mary Wigham

I've finally started my Castles In The Air from Papillion Creations. It took me longer to pick my own floral colours than anything else. I started stitching it and then changed my mind on the first colour and frogged it all to start again!  There are some amazing designs on Papillion for anyone who hasn't come across them before. I'm so enjoying stitching this and hate to put it down. This is my progress so far, the photo isn't very good as my hand shadows the bottom corner...oops!

I've also finally started my Mary Wigham sampler. I was going to do this in my own colours but after seeing a few of them done in Mary's original I've decided to go with her colours. Although I'm not doing it as small as hers because it'll mean stitching over 1 and these eyes no longer like that LOL! I'm stitching it on 32ct Murano in Mushroom. If you're interested in doing your own Mary Wigham sampler just click her name and it will take you to Needleprint's website who have is a free of charge chart but they do ask for donations if possible.

And I couldn't let a post go without a photo of DS1 at his last motorbike lesson, can't believe my baby is 7 in 28 days time. It was so hot during his lesson last Sunday that DH went and bought his instructor a can of ice cold coke and DS1 a Calypso half way through. He's coming on leaps and bounds in his lessons and adores them....yep my boys don't have blood in their veins as now DS2 can't wait until he's 6 to start lessons LOL!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

A Finish, A WIP and a Dragon

I've finished my Little Lace Hardanger piece which was a sal on my Stitch Specialist yahoo group. Unfortunately at the end of June this design is no longer available, you can still join the group by clicking on the link. It's the first hardanger piece I've done and I'm hooked. Once I got the hang of counting the stitches I found it so relaxing to do, it'll not be the last hardanger project I'll make now.
Little Lace Hardanger
designed by Abi Gurden

I've also managed to catch up on my Tree of Stitches SAL, doing part 12 whilst watching the tennis this afternoon. Not many more parts to go on the tree, it's still a SAL on The Stitch Specialist Yahoo Group if you'd like to join in.  Here's what DD's tree looks like so far.
Tree of Stitches SAL
designed by Abi Gurden

Finally every night when the kids are in bed I work on DS2's dragon, he's getting so excited now as he can see the finish line.  This is what he looks like after last nights work.