Friday, 31 December 2010

To Facebook or Not

During the last few weeks I've not managed to get a lot of time to stitch thanks to all 3 of the kids being ill - now could they do it all together?? - No! One at a time my lot. Luckily it's only been bad colds but it meant lack of sleep for me. As I didn't want to sit stitching on a night only to find myself frogging the following night I've been sat on FB. Lets just say Farmville and Frontierville have had a hammering ;-)

DH isn't a big fan of FB but everytime he goes near the computer he has a quick look to see if my SIL has been on...yes he's found he can actually keep in touch via FB with her!

The kids absolutely adore the games. DD prefers Farmville, we have to have the sound effects on (arghh! I hate them!) and she likes to see me feed the "chickens and duckies"  At the minute she's mad on anything Christmas going onto the farm so it's find an animal in parts LOL!

The boys however prefer Frontierville, they love seeing the foxes, bears, snakes and groundhogs jump out. When I got to have a baby DS2 insisted he was the first so yep we had a little pioneer boy. Then #2 had to be DS1 and not so long ago after much nagging from the boys we finally had a girl named Diddles after DD. (Don't think the kids realise it's not real!!) DD picked her own outfit (I didn't give her a pink dress, just slap my hand!) and they argue on who's going to "whack" the foxes or snakes.

This does sound like it's all I do but I've found when the kids are up and they're bored just pop FB on and they stop arguing to watch. DS1 has asked for his own FB account but at age 6 "you've not a chance in hell" came out of my mouth ;-) 

In the last week DH caught flu and I managed to pick up an infection so laptop in bed and away I went. Must admit though can't wait until everything gets back to normal and I can get back to my stitching. It's driving me crazy sitting seeing the WIP's but not daring to stitch incase I sneeze all over them or (heaven forbit) end up frogging loads.

Ah well just off to check my crops and bash a snake or two before bed.........

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Stitching Catch Up

I have been stitching since August but not as much as I should have done thanks to other things turning up. In September I was the Calender Girl for my Friendly Stitchers Yahoo Group. This meant that the other ladies in my group sent me stash (as I did to them when it was their turn). I got some wonderful fabrics, scissors and threads so a big thank you to Mouse, Karin, Martina, Ally and Lynda.

I have been working on my Sanman Inky Dinky Snowmen and here is the finished product. I decided against making it into a quilted hanging and instead put it on my stitching bag which I took to Harrogate.

I also joined in a secret biscornu exchange with FS and here is what  received from Meg. It's absolutely beautiful and I was so touched by the bookmark she included (I'm a big reader and never have enough)

And this is what I sent to Jacqueline, minus the gorilla!

I've also taken part in a humbug exchange with FS and my humbug went to Julie in Australia. I designed it with an Autumn theme as at the time all the leaves were falling down here. Also here is the beautiful humbug that Julie stitched and sent to me....DD fell in love with it and gazes at it hung in my room.       

Here is the latest on my Darcy photostitch, she has been woefully neglected lately which is not going down well with DH. I'm determined not to start another SAL or large project until she's done now. I'll try and put regular updates on her here so you can all give me a good prod to get her done. DH took this one evening whilst I was working on her, hence the weird angle of the photo!

I've finally given in to temptation and got Castles in The Air by Papillon Creations. I bought the fabric for it whilst at the Harrogate Stitching show.

I've also taken part in a Sock Hop with friends from my Frostydesign Stitchers group, mine went to Mary over in Corpus Christi....luckily before the snow started here! Tuesday nights are usually reserved for working on my Kaliedscope Snow Checkers whilst DS1 is in his karate lesson, we're getting there on it but it'll not be done for Christmas this year.