Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Stash It or Stitch It?

This past 2 weeks I've been buying more stash, not much but still more which means my poor stash drawer and box is getting ready to burst. 

I wandered through a local bookshop to find a stitching book that I've never come across and it's so rare to find them in our local bookstores. Firstly it was on SALE
so I couldn't resist and secondly it has a couple of designs in it that I love and can definitely put them on my to-do list.

Then another day I saw 2 charts that I liked the look of so into my shopping basket they went. The first is a snow scene and I'm addicted to snow scenes....much better in stitching than in real life!!  The second is about books which is another love of my life.

Stitching wise I've not been doing too badly, I've worked everynight on my gift SAL so that's coming along; not as fast as I wished but still getting there. On Thursday morning while the kids were in school/nursery I worked on my Darcy photostitch, it's growing very slowly but I can see the boxes filling in. Still not sure about this Easycount gridding but it's definitely easier to find where I am and to put odd stitches in without major counting. There's a photo of my latest progress in the sidebar.  On Saturday night to give myself a rest from the gift SAL I started a new project, a small one that isn't taking long, only the wording to put on now so hopefully I'll finish it this weekend and post a photo next time. 

I've also managed to kit together my threads for the Friendly Stitchers 2010 SAL Beau Bands. It's taken me longer to do that than I planned as I got threads together but couldn't find ribbon to match. I'm working it on blue evenweave that I had in my stash and am using a turquoise selection of colours, just waiting for my blending thread to arrive from Sew and Sew as I've run out of the right colour.

On the plus side I did manage to frame my 2009 Friendly Stitchers A Stitch A Week SAL. Due to snow I couldn't get out to get the equipment but it's done at last. It's stretched over a frame like a painting and will be hung in our lounge (when I've re-decorated in spring!). I'm so pleased with how it's come out, I stitched part of a poem by Rudyard Kipling around the edges as it seemed to fit the theme of an English Country Garden.

A couple of months ago my mum was having a clearout and found an old project of mine that I did years ago. Now I'd completely forgotten about stitching this but mum remembers me doing it. It's one of the All Our Yesterday designs.
Now I've got to try and wake Darcy up as Luke is due out of nursery in half an hour...doesn't time fly when you get peace and quiet? I can't stitch when the kids are all up but while i'm cooking dinner or sat in swimming club I do manage to read some of my book so I'm on book 3 of my Reading Challenge. Peter has read book 2 of his so he's happy, he also moved up another book band in school so we're very proud of him....another lover of books just like his mum!  Happy stitching to all.........

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snowing Again Even On Stitching

Here is the January square for my calendar...how apt is this for most of us? 

Snow is covering the UK at the moment along with plenty of very low temperatures. Heard on the radio yesterday while I was doing the school run that we were as cold as the south pole in some regions...yep I can definitely believe it. Even Peter who never feels the cold started crying while we were waiting for his class to open as he was cold. The temperature in the car said -6 so bless his little 5yr old feet, they must have been freezing.  After I'd dropped Luke off at nursery Darcy and I picked up my dad and we went shopping where we bought Peter new boots, thick socks and a new scarf.  Luke luckily still fits into his 2 piece ski suit from last year so I just bundle him into that if we leave the house...he's like me and feels the cold straight away!  Darcy has been put back into her pram (to her disgust) and covered in with a thick patchwork lap quilt, cosy toes and rain cover down. Mind you pushing a pram in snow is something I'd recommend to anyone who wants to lose a few pounds...I reckon I lost loads yesterday on the school run as we can't park right outside the school LOL!

It was Darcy's 2nd birthday yesterday...can't believe my baby is 2 already. She moved into her new class at nursery which she loves as they have the sand table out all the time (in summer they have the water trays full as well so she'll love that even more!).  We didn't get her too many presents as she's just had loads for Christmas and at her age she'll not know the difference so most of her birthday money will go into her bank account.  We bought her a Happyland dolls house from the Early Learning Centre and gave it her last night when her dad came home....that was so funny as the boys wanted it faster than her!  She calls it her "casserole". She's inherited the boys Happyland Castle with knights etc and thinks its the same thing.

Due to snow days from school I've not managed to do much stitching on my Darcy Photostitch. Did get some time on Thursday morning when all 3 minxes were at school. Have decided that on a weekend instead of doing my secret stitching which I can't show on here yet as its for a present I'm going to work on my photostitch.  DH keeps making comments as I don't think its growing as fast as he thinks it should...this is what it looks like after a couple of hours this week.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Book Challenge

Well I've just finished one of my Book Challenge books. This one was called "The Dangerous Days of Daniel X" by James Patterson. Have to say it was different from what I'd normally read. I've read tons of James Patterson Books,the Alex Cross series, the Women's Murder Club series, Maximum Ride and some of the one off thrillers. I reckon this book would turn into a good young adult film on a similar vein to Starship Troopers. It has aliens both good and bad guys, bugs and fighting in ooze. An easy read, no having to concentrate or much plot following which fitted in with my week as my boys are having 'snow days' from school. I'm going to start book 4 "The Shadow Rising" in the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series tonight, that I will have to follow the plot so I'm looking forward to it.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Christmas Stash & a WIP

Hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and the Stash Elves have been very good to you.

DH and my MIL put together and bought me a Lowery Workstand for my main present which I'd been hinting loudly about since everyone talked about them on Friendly Stitchers and I went to see one in Bakewell. Although it arrived from Sew and Sew DH wouldn't let me have it until Christmas Day, it's now up and running at the side of my bed. On it is my Darcy Photostitch that I've finally started. I'm doing it on 32ct Murano and have been bought some Easy Count Guideline so decided to try it out on this project. Must admit it did take me a while to put the guideline in but now I'm stitching I can see the advantage of it as I'm not having to count or work out where I've left off stitching.

This is what it should look like when stitched (hopefully!)  and this is my progress so far.

I didn't do too badly myself  with the Christmas Stash Elf and closely followed by the Sale Elf LOL!  I got:

The Magical Cross Stitch book I'd been hinting about

The Waiting for Ships chart by Mirabilia

Charles - John Clayton Elegance Series (I think it looks like Colin Firth as Mr Darcy in P&P)

Summer Ball by Sandy Littlejohn

and in the sale from Tanya at The Sampler Girl I got Good Tidings With Jane Austen and A Turn in the Garden

Now I just have to find time to stitch, the schools are back so at least I'll get my Thursday mornings free again for stitching Darcy. During the after school clubs and school runs I'll be working on my 2010 Olympic Reading Challenge.

I have managed to finish my A Stitch A Week SAL with the Friendly Stitchers...Thank you so much Abi for designing this for us and also to Val for giving us alternative charts on some of the weeks. I've put a photo up of the squares all finished but have also done a bit more to it but not posting a photo until it's completely finished; hopefully by next Monday.
Back to stitching for me while the kids are asleep and DH is in the bath with a book........

Sunday, 3 January 2010

2010 Olympic Reading Challenge

This year I've decided to join the 2010 Olympic Reading Challenge that I saw on a blog I read  frequently. I missed last years challenge so am very glad that Vickie is hosting another one. As this is a year long challenge I've decided to go for a Gold Medal which means during 2010 I need to have read 100 books. As my family could tell you...no problem for me. If you want to join Vickie the link is in the post title. Everytime I read a book I'll add the title onto a list I'll set up. I did finish a book last night which was "The Dragon Reborn" by Robert Jordan, book 3 in the Wheel of Time series but as I'd started it in December I'll not add it...don't want to start cheating.  I'm off to the library tomorrow with DS2 for his craft club so I'll get to peruse while he covers himself in paint or glue for an hour :-)

Happy Reading X