Friday, 31 December 2010

To Facebook or Not

During the last few weeks I've not managed to get a lot of time to stitch thanks to all 3 of the kids being ill - now could they do it all together?? - No! One at a time my lot. Luckily it's only been bad colds but it meant lack of sleep for me. As I didn't want to sit stitching on a night only to find myself frogging the following night I've been sat on FB. Lets just say Farmville and Frontierville have had a hammering ;-)

DH isn't a big fan of FB but everytime he goes near the computer he has a quick look to see if my SIL has been on...yes he's found he can actually keep in touch via FB with her!

The kids absolutely adore the games. DD prefers Farmville, we have to have the sound effects on (arghh! I hate them!) and she likes to see me feed the "chickens and duckies"  At the minute she's mad on anything Christmas going onto the farm so it's find an animal in parts LOL!

The boys however prefer Frontierville, they love seeing the foxes, bears, snakes and groundhogs jump out. When I got to have a baby DS2 insisted he was the first so yep we had a little pioneer boy. Then #2 had to be DS1 and not so long ago after much nagging from the boys we finally had a girl named Diddles after DD. (Don't think the kids realise it's not real!!) DD picked her own outfit (I didn't give her a pink dress, just slap my hand!) and they argue on who's going to "whack" the foxes or snakes.

This does sound like it's all I do but I've found when the kids are up and they're bored just pop FB on and they stop arguing to watch. DS1 has asked for his own FB account but at age 6 "you've not a chance in hell" came out of my mouth ;-) 

In the last week DH caught flu and I managed to pick up an infection so laptop in bed and away I went. Must admit though can't wait until everything gets back to normal and I can get back to my stitching. It's driving me crazy sitting seeing the WIP's but not daring to stitch incase I sneeze all over them or (heaven forbit) end up frogging loads.

Ah well just off to check my crops and bash a snake or two before bed.........

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Stitching Catch Up

I have been stitching since August but not as much as I should have done thanks to other things turning up. In September I was the Calender Girl for my Friendly Stitchers Yahoo Group. This meant that the other ladies in my group sent me stash (as I did to them when it was their turn). I got some wonderful fabrics, scissors and threads so a big thank you to Mouse, Karin, Martina, Ally and Lynda.

I have been working on my Sanman Inky Dinky Snowmen and here is the finished product. I decided against making it into a quilted hanging and instead put it on my stitching bag which I took to Harrogate.

I also joined in a secret biscornu exchange with FS and here is what  received from Meg. It's absolutely beautiful and I was so touched by the bookmark she included (I'm a big reader and never have enough)

And this is what I sent to Jacqueline, minus the gorilla!

I've also taken part in a humbug exchange with FS and my humbug went to Julie in Australia. I designed it with an Autumn theme as at the time all the leaves were falling down here. Also here is the beautiful humbug that Julie stitched and sent to me....DD fell in love with it and gazes at it hung in my room.       

Here is the latest on my Darcy photostitch, she has been woefully neglected lately which is not going down well with DH. I'm determined not to start another SAL or large project until she's done now. I'll try and put regular updates on her here so you can all give me a good prod to get her done. DH took this one evening whilst I was working on her, hence the weird angle of the photo!

I've finally given in to temptation and got Castles in The Air by Papillon Creations. I bought the fabric for it whilst at the Harrogate Stitching show.

I've also taken part in a Sock Hop with friends from my Frostydesign Stitchers group, mine went to Mary over in Corpus Christi....luckily before the snow started here! Tuesday nights are usually reserved for working on my Kaliedscope Snow Checkers whilst DS1 is in his karate lesson, we're getting there on it but it'll not be done for Christmas this year.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

A visit to Scotland

Where has the time gone since August? As most people know we went off to Southerness in Scotland for our holiday in August, have to say it was absolutely fantastic. The weather was lovely and we spent everyday doing something, not necessarily off camp but the kids were definitely kept amused. There was a soft play area in the main building on camp where the kids spent many an hour playing while DH and I took advantage of the free Wi-Fi to hook up our laptop...couldn't be away from the internet for a whole week now could I??

This last photo of the lighthouse in Southerness was taken in the evening by our 4yr old son Luke with the Panasonic Lumix that he seems to have taken possesion of!

Here are some photos of the places we visited.....Sweetheart Abbey (def Luke's favourite place)

Mabie Farm Park (only went in for a couple of hours and had to drag the kids out 5hrs later...recommended for anyone with kids!) 

Dumfries (lovely little town, the kids loved eating sandwiches watching the ducks on the river) I did manage to pick up a couple of embroidery books while wandering round so I was happy.

Ayr - although I dropped DH and the kids off in town, met Ally who I know through the Friendly Stitchers Yahoo Group and we went up to Maureen's (another stitcher from FS) and had a fab couple of hours gossiping about stitching etc.
The National Museum of Costume where they had a special display of wedding dresses from different tv dramas and films...I ADORED THIS..the kids weren't that bothered but a quiz kept DS1 amused and DS2 dressed up in an old fashioned sailors outfit so he was happy.

The photograph on the bottom is the wedding dress that Elizabeth Ehle wore in the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice.

The only thing the kids were disappointed with was that the men weren't all wearing skirts....thank DH for that one as he'd spent the previous few months telling them that they wore skirts! No matter how many times I explained about the kilts they wouldn't accept it...KIDS! We did buy DD a little kilt from a shop in Dumfries though, couldn't resist it as I had one just like it when I was small. She wore it to my cousins wedding earlier this month and looked so cute. The second photo is of Darcy and her cousin Cody who was bridesmaid (it was her parents wedding).

Well hope you're not totally bored now...had hard time picking some photos as DH took absolutely loads and most are fantastic. Next year we're heading the opposite way out of Southerness to explore that side! A catch up on my stitching will be along soon...just got to take photos.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Stitching Bits & Bobs

I've not spent a lot of time stitching since my last post due to commitments with the children, end of school term and all that entails. By the time we've finally got them settled in bed and eaten I've just about collapsed on the sofa to watch the news then bed....the joys of parenthood! I do have some stitching to show you though, mostly gifts, exchanges and bits of my SALs. I have been working on a couple of other small projects but can't show them as they're for a very special item for a very special person.

Recently I joined in on a biscornu exchange with one of my Yahoo groups. This is the biscornu I sent Susan

This is the biscornu that I received from Carla in the same exchange, my DD took a great liking for!

Finally here is a photograph of the Spring Needleroll I sent Ally in the May Day exchange with my yahoo group Friendly Stitchers.  I knew I'd taken a photograph but couldn't remember where I'd put it...duh!  It was my first design in the Seasons Needleroll series. I'm a bit behind with summer, design is done but I haven't dyed the fabric and stitched it yet.

Next up is the biscornu I stitched for DS1s teacher as a thank you present at the end of the term. He did want the Bee Happy humbug designed by Val of Friendly Stitchers at first but after seeing the Back to School biscornu freebie from Faby Reilly he changed his mind. This was then a rush job so I stayed up until the wee hours on the Thursday night finishing it before he finished the term on the Friday.  He told me what he wanted stitching on the back....and he said his teacher Mrs Hackett loved it. He'll really miss her next term as he's in Yr2 now as he loved her class.

Next are the 2 coffee designs I made for DH for our anniversary. Spot of Coffee he saw me stitching but Irish Coffee (a free design from Tanya) he didn't know anything about. Luckily I had enough of the fabric for both of them and managed to get matching frames. These will be hung in his computer corner in our lounge.

This is my progress so far on my Darcy project. I've very nearly finished the first page, luckily the second page isn't as detailed and not as big...whew! Although I enjoy stitching on it I'm looking forward to working on another big project soon....DS2s Dragon, I promised him and I've got nearly all the threads for it now.

SAL Progress
I'm slowly catching up on my sals and here are some of my progress pictures:

Inky Dinky SAL by SANMAN

I've done January to May on my Inky Dinky SAL by Sanman. Just love these little snowmen, they only take an hour to stitch up and are very relaxing to do.

Kaliedoscope Snow Checkers
designed by Carla D Rizzie
This is my progress so far on my Snow Checkers board, you can't see properly due to the camera settings but I'm stitching it on some marble blue aida that I had in my stash. I work on it when DS1 is in his karate lessons on Monday and Tuesday nights (can't work on it any other lessons as DS2 & DD are with me).

Beau Bands SAL designed by Abi
Exclusively for Friendly Stitchers Group

I've actually got some progress done on my Beau Bands SAL, now onto band 28. Hoping to do some of this whilst on holiday in Scotland but who knows. I'm on the last part of the design before stitching up into a hussif. I put this down to work on my Darcy photostitch for a few weeks, then exchanges and gifts got in the way but I picked it up this week and so enjoyed stitching on it that I couldn't put it down so completed 2 bands in 1 night before bed beckoned.

Postcard SAL designed by Maryse

I'm really behind on this SAL, we're in August now and I've only done up to March...eek. It's turned into a UFO at the moment, determined to work more on it when Darcy is finished.
 Stash Buying
Wimble Bees are closing down and they sent me an email....I just had to open it and read it didn't I!!  I managed to get a couple of bargains and also got the metallic thread for DS2s Dragon project. After getting advice on which to go for, the recommended Kreinik #4 thread or DMC Light Effects I went for the Kreinik.  These are the 2 charts I bought, the  Passione Ricamo one Galatea I've wanted for ages and the Lizzie Kate Coffee Crazy I couldn't resist for DH.

Holiday Stitching
This summer we're off to Scotland for a week, obviously before I even thought about packing our clothes I spent ages deciding what sttiching to take...well you have to get your priorities right don't you? LOL!  I've finally got the right fabric for She Sells Seashells that Abi from Friendly Stitchers sent me in an exchange. I've had fabric for it 3 times now but didn't feel it fitted the design properly, in the end I went with the recommended fabric and bought some Lambswool from 123Stitch. Abi sent along all the Crescent Colours that go with the design and I've got the DMC that go with it...can't wait to start it.
She Sells Seashells by Country Cottage Kids
I'm also taking my Beau Bands SAL with me, don't know how much stitching I'll get done this holiday but as I won't be spending most of the day driving I may get some 'me' time. DH is taking his camera (surprise surprise!!) and the area says it has fantastic sunsets so no doubt some nights he'll be off shooting somewhere.

The best part of my holiday will be hopefully meeting up with some stitching friends from Friendly Stitchers, Ally and Maureen. It'll be lovely to put a face to a name, we're hoping to meet up on the Saturday at Maureens in Ayr (must remember Satnav!!) so DH will have kids while I get a day of stitching, chatting and fun :-)  So far I've only met Mouse who lives not far from me, I called in one day after dropping the 2 youngest off at my mums for the day and had a lovely time. She's a wonderful lady and her stitching is awesome, puts mine to shame really.

A photo of my TUSAL jar up to todays date, methinks I may need a bigger vase!!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Too Little Time to Stitch

I've not had much time to stitch in the last month but what little time I have had the needles have been out. As some of you know we've had a few problems with DS2 but after getting help we're now on the right track so fingers crossed I'll get more time to sit stitching.

 Here's the progress so far on my Darcy photostitch. I'm now over halfway there and she seems to be growing fast now.

This is a small biscornu I made designed by Carla Rizzie. I used pale green linen with hand dyed threads and beads for the centre and around. It's really tiny when you see it in real life.

I recently took part in the May Day Exchange with my stitching group Friendly Stitchers. This is a photo of what I received from Ally. A beautiful card as well as a lovely tin containing tiny scissors, stitch unpick, 2 gold needles and some wonderful threads that I'm saving for a sampler I want to do later in the year.  This has so come in handy when I'm sat waiting for DS1 to finish his karate classes, I sit stitching while he does his martial arts...heaven!

DH also bought me Jane Greenoffs new program iStitch (which is brilliant) so I've also been playing on that. I designed a small simple biscornu for a friend who had never done one before. I made the back the same as the front as it's her first one, you could just put the small flowers on the back instead.
I'm also working on my UFO on Thursday nights, my Beau Bands sampler when I can find time and I'm in the middle of stitching a couple of biscornus. One is for another exchange with Friendly Stitchers, this time it's on the theme of lavender.  I've also got everything ready to stitch "A Spot of Coffee" for DH as he survives by drinking as much coffee as possible during his busy days at work.

My book challenge is going well, I picked up a new audio book today. Skeleton Coast by Clive Cussler, I love his books and at least I can listen whilst stitching. Have to say though my 5yr old is outshining me on the challenge, he's now up to 39 books and his last one was quite thick. We went to the library this morning after his karate lesson to pick another book for him, this time it's Horrible Henry, he's already read the first 4 pages to me tonight. I don't count any books he reads unless he's either read them to me or to his teacher at school but they seem to give him easier books than I do!!

Back to the needles and my lovely book, thank you for your lovely comments, they really keep me going when I'm feeling down.