Thursday, 7 November 2019

I was sat bored one afternoon looking at some wool I'd found in the bottom of my wardrobe and decided I'd like to learn how to crochet. Now I've tried numerous times over the years and failed but that was before YouTube. I didn't want to learn how to do the fantastically detailed blankets but a simple granny square one for our daughter.

A lot of video watching later (wow there are some horrendous tutorials out there!) and I finally found someone who made it all make sense to me. The name of the channel is Bella Coco and after watching her tutorial on granny squares  I picked up the wool and off I went. I did go wrong a few times on my first couple but before long I was whizzing along without the video and had completed my first 8...this was where it got interesting.

My 11yr old daughter Darcy had been watching me playing around with some old pink wool and suddenly decided she wanted a blanket making out of these squares but she wanted the colour around a centre white square that had to be different.  So a trip to the library to get a book on crocheting and I found a square that had a circle in the centre, after many many tries I figured it out and off I went on these squares.  Meanwhile Darcy had found other colours she wanted so after buying the wool - a 100g ball of DK did all 8 of the granny squares with leftovers - I set about crocheting the squares. I'd got the hang of them so sat crocheting them at any time I could find including sat outside school waiting for the kids to come out!

Once I'd done all 8 of the colour and a white centre I stitched them together to form a big square, then just double-crocheted a white border to tie in with the centre square.

When Darcy said there were enough she arranged the squares into which order she wanted the blanket putting together.

Last night whilst our boys were training at #dragonsacademyeckington I sat and put them together using  the single crochet method from another one of Bella Coco's videos.   I'd done all but one square by the time the boys had done so finished it at home whilst Darcy was in bed.

This morning our daughter's face when she came downstairs to find her completed blanket was well worth all the time and effort learning to crochet. She loves her blanket 😀 

Now I'm going to start working on my own, not a granny square one though. My mum bought me some wonderful wool from the Wool Warehouse and I'm going to try and crochet myself a blanket using a different method...wish me luck 🙏

Seeing Progress

Sometimes when you're working on a big project it feels like you hardly make any progress no matter how long you stitch for. I was feeling like that on my Once Upon a Time, during the summer it felt like I'd stitched on it for hours but nothing looked any different.  

At the beginning of October I decided to take a photo of how it looked and then not take another one until the very end. The difference shocked me.  I'm stitching this a bit differently to how I normally do. I bought some easy count 28ct fabric and am stitching 1 strand over 1. Now as the whole stitch area fits onto my scroll rods I decided to try out doing one colour at a time. I started with the colour with the least amount of stitches and then worked up. By the way I use my tablet and the app ezPDF reader pro to not only find the stitches but mark off where I've done. It's a lot easier on large projects and this is the first time I've gone solely to the app and not had a paper and pen back up, soo much easier. I'm now over halfway through the colours and the details that are emerging are well worth the confetti stitches. 

I've not been able to put needle to fabric so far in November as I've been working on another project. I think I'll carry on just taking a photo at the end of each month, it's such a rush to see the project come to life as you don't notice the same when you're actually working on it.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

End of Another Year

Well by the end of 2018 I'd managed quite a few finishes on the stitching front. The kids had done some amazing things and although the year started off badly when my father-in-law got rushed into hospital by the end we were looking up again. Although, I do hope for some much needed quiet times in 2019!

Firstly here's a round up of my big finishes. There were a few smaller ones but I cannot find the photos (probably on my old phone!)

 As you can tell I'm a fan of Heaven and Earth Designs, hoping to have another finish in 2019 :-)

Then we have the kids, Lumps finally got to black belt in Taekwondo in September. All three of them completed their Get Active Challenge in the Summer.  We all had fabulous times at the coast this year, from the British Taekwondo training camp in Great Yarmouth in May to visiting Edinburgh in August during the Fringe and then down to Broadstairs in October to spend half term with my mother-in-law.  Peter has moved into his last 2 years in seniors (eek where has the time gone?!) and finished his University of Sheffield mentoring program. Luke is happily settled into Y8 and Darcy is in her last year of junior school (so not ready for my baby to move to seniors!).  Here are a few of my favourite photos from the year.

Here's to another year of lots of stitching, walking and fun. Happy New Year to you all xxxx

Friday, 27 April 2018


On Friday 1st July 2011 I started a design called Castles in the Air by Papillion Creations, we're now in 2018 and I've finally finished...whew!  As much as I have loved this project I am so glad to finally put the last stitches in and cross it off my UFO pile.

I've taken lots of photos of it all done, the beads haven't come up as clearly as they should but the great British weather being it's usual contrary self means today we have dull grey skies and rain, would you believe this time last week we were in a heatwave!!

Anyway here is my version of Castles in the Air, now I've just got to save up to have it professionally framed and it's going to hang somewhere very prominent in the house.

Monday, 5 February 2018

TAST 2018 - Week 5

Week 5 already and this weeks TAST stitch is Herringbone. This is an easy stitch once you get into the rhythm, although it's a lot easier on evenweave rather than plain fabric for freestyle unless you've marked out the fabric beforehand.

I decided as the wind has picked up a lot in the last few days that we'd have a windblown Sue holding hard to her hat (just like I was this morning!)  The herringbone is a trim on her dress and couldn't resist adding a few french knots to her hat :-)

As well as Sue I've also started my stitch sampler project, not all the TAST stitches will go on here but I'll definitely use it for some of them. I found a Six Strands Sweet thread called Ellies Raspberry Truffle in the bottom of my fabric drawer and thought the contrasting colours would look good for this stitch.

Friday, 26 January 2018

TAST 2018 - Week 4

This weeks TAST stitch is Detached Chain stitch, or otherwise known as Lazy Daisy. Now for those of you who know me or have followed my blog for a while you'll know that this is definitely not one of my favourite stitches. It's not hard to do but I really don't like it 😣 it does make lovely flower petals and leaves though.

So for Sunbonnet Sue this week she's holding a flower made of the detached chain, the centres are french knots (that I absolutely love doing!).

Saturday, 20 January 2018

TAST 2018 - Week 3

This weeks TAST is Fly Stitch. This is a fun stitch and is amazing to use for leaves or just decorative.

Once again I've stitched up a Sunbonnet Sue but this time have given her a little flower, the stem is fly stitch but also around the centre french knots and then the edges in a different shade using fly stitch.  She's also got a little bit of it on her bonnet. I'm trying not to put too many different stitches into these Sunbonnet Sue's as each week the focus will be on the TAST stitch so that eventually they'll look like a stitch sampler.

I've not used the stitch on my quilt square yet as Lukie was off school ill on Wednesday so I'm a day behind all my chores. Thankfully he felt a lot better on Thursday morning so went back to school (he hates being off) but then that evening I was back at school but for Boo's Mentoring meeting. I can't believe my baby Boo is choosing his options for his final 2 years in secondary, doesn't seem two minutes ago since I dropped him off on his first day of Infants :-(  They're growing too quick, I'm not ready for it LOL!